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Test Your Intelligence Through Wonderlic Personnel Test

Have you ever wondered how intelligent you are? Or what type of work you have a natural aptitude for? If you have, take the Wonderlic Personnel Test. In fact, if you are looking for work it is likely prospective employers will have you take the test as part of the interview process to test your aptitude and skill level for the vacant position.

The Wonderlic Personnel Test measures your problem-solving, numerical, spatial and verbal skills. It is a 12 –minute test where you answer 50 questions, so it may be termed as a quick IQ test.It may also be called as Wonderlic iq test. Your score indicates to the prospective employer whether you are suitable for the position and for the organization.

The Wonderlic iq Test starts off with easy questions and they progressively get harder as you work your way through the test. You can expect the last series of questions to be the hardest.

Normally your test is taken as a questionnaire where you manually check off the correct answers from multiple choices. You cannot use a dictionary, calculator or any other form of reference material to help you answer the questions. You are required to read the questionnaire and write answers with pencil on the answer sheet. In the case of online Wonderlic test, you will have to use your mouse. In some cases printable IQ tests are also available.

Wonderlic Personnel Test Subject Matter

The Wonderlic test aims to test your verbal, mathematical and logic skills so you can expect to find the test is structured to measure your skills against the answers.

A Wonderlic iq Test is divided into four sections (verbal, spatial, numerical and general instructions. The following are the types of things you can expect to find in each section:

Verbal Ability: The verbal IQ test will expect you to select the correct word to complete sentences correctly, rearrange sentences to make them logically make sense, and have you use your deductive reasoning to find the correct solution from written text.

Numerical Ability: The numerical part of the test measures your numerical skills and the questions will ask you to solve mathematical problems, deduce patterns from sets of numbers and even solve a mathematical problem from written text.

Spatial Ability: Here your geometric conceptualization, imagination and ability to see the big picture are measured. Questions will ask you to find similar shapes, and have you analyze geometric shapes to identify the correct outcomes.

Instructions: This section measures your ability to follow instructions. This is usually at the beginning of the test and assumes you have the intelligence to follow them to complete the test successfully. These are very simple instructions to help you take the test and anyone should have the capacity to follow them. You can fail the Wonderlic Personnel Test if you do not follow the instructions to the letter. Take your time at the start of the test and make sure you understand what you are required to do.

Practice for your Test

The best way to practice for the Wonderlic Personnel Test is to find practice tests online. Make sure the practice tests you find are a true reflection of the real test and test your responses over a 12-minute time period. When you find them, sit down and set your alarm for 12 minutes and see how you go. If you did not do well take a look at where your strengths and weaknesses lie and work on you weaknesses. Practice every day before taking your test.Find as many different practice tests you can to prepare yourself for the real thing.

How Reliable is the Wonderlic Personnel Test?

Though like other psychological instruments Wonderlic personnel IQ test lacks solid evidence to prove its validity,yet this test is remarkably reliable with a .90 reliability percentage and is a useful tool to help select and keep employees.

It is a popular test used by employees and coaches to determine the strengths and weaknesses of an applicant’s intellect. If you get n answer wrong you will not be penalized. Recruiters use the test to determine whether job applicants have the ability to perform the job or sport rather than to test their intelligence. Your results from the Wonderlic test will also help you. Knowing your strength and weaknesses helps you to assess what you want to do in life based on what you have an aptitude for. It also gives you the opportunity to work on your weaknesses to improve them to have a successful future no matter what it is you want to do.

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