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Your dream career may demand you to pass through a special set of screening tests. Vice versa different kinds of intelligence and aptitude career tests are designed for different careers. In either situation, you need to know job description for a specific slot and also what kind of tests you are going to face your recruitment process.

You will find both kind of information on this personal website. Whether you are looking for information on your dream career, selection criteria, capabilities required, salary information and fitness for a number of careers, you have reached the right place. This website is going to help you through related, simplified and straight to point information about your selected career.

Here you will also find simplified information on:

• IQ Tests

• Career Tests

• Aptitude Tests

• Personality Tests

• Resume Writing

• Interview Tips

• Accounting Careers

• Careers in Technology

• Careers in Law

• Careers in Medicine

• Careers in Agriculture

• Careers in Corporate Business

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• Self employment

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