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Have you ever thought of testing how dumb you are? Well, I guess a dumb test is more about testing how smart you are against the rest of the world. Taking this test will help you assess where you stand among your friends and peers. These days there are so many tests and quizzes for everything you can imagine. Regardless how meaningless some of these quizzes may seem, many are very revealing in their answers and dumb tests are thinly disguised IQ or personality tests.

Be Smarter – Score well on Dumb Tests

It seems the world has gone crazy creating quizzes for every occasion and, more and more people are addicted to taking quizzes. But quizzes to test how dumb you are should be taken as a bit of fun among you and your friends.However there are a lot of tests that can help you get employment or even help you to change your career path.If you want to score well on any of the dumb tests you take:

• Improve your posture and breathe correctly while taking your dumb test.

• Modify your diet if it is not healthy already.Eating well-balanced meals not only helps you be smarter,but helps your concentration levels and makes your life happier.

• Did you know your brain uses one fifth of your oxygen consumption? If you become sleepy, and have trouble concentrating, take a quick walk, get some fresh air and a glass of water.

• Make sure you do not eat a big meal before you set your test. If you have ever had a big meal at lunch and found yourself falling asleep by around 2 pm, you know exactly what I mean. Regardless of what type of test you take, you need to be alert so have a light meal to feed your brain.

• Drink plenty of water to fuel your brain so your dumb test turns into the most successful test you ever sit. Water is vital to your blood flow, and your brain requires a huge blood flow for optimum performance and to stay alert.

• Use meditation to help your focus, increase your learning capacity and improve your memory before your test.

• Challenge your brain to taking practice tests in the lead up to the real thing. There is nothing better than challenging your brain to make it wake up.

Challenge your Mind

Every single one of us has to face tests of some sort throughout our lives. Whether it is at school, for higher education or a pre-employment test we all have what it takes to pass.How often were you told you were dumb or stupid as a child? Has it left a lasting effect on how you feel about taking tests? Did you try your best at school and were still unsuccessful when it came to sitting exams? Even now, do you start feeling nauseous at the thought of some dumb test you could fail?

Take all the tests and quizzes you can find on the internet to help you get over your fear. Look for all the tests in the career areas that interest you. The more tests you take, the more it challenges your mind and the easier it becomes to think quickly and efficiently.Practice makes perfect and gives you confidence on the day of your test.

How to Take a Test

Studying for a test is all well and good but if you do not know how to take a test then it could all be in vain. These days not knowing how to take a test is the biggest challenge for people. Here are some tips to help you take any dumb test:

• Scan your Exam: When you get your exam scan through it. Look for the easy questions and mark the ones you need longer to answer as you go.

• Read all the Instructions: Do not fail because you do not read the instructions. Make sure you read them all and follow them to the letter.

• How to Start: Start with the favorite questions that will give you the highest scores.

• Time Management: Work through from the easiest to the hardest of the questions. Work quickly and go back to the harder questions to expand your answers.

• Review your Answers: If you finish before you run out of time, review your work.

No matter how much you search for dumb tests, when you find them it is still all about how smart you are.

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