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Careers in Zoology: Great Careers for Animal Lovers

When you are looking for careers in zoology, you may be looking for information about animal life. While studying zoology you study the biology and genetics of animals. You will also study marine life, zoo animals, and animals in the wild and even household pets.

And also human beings, yes, zoologists study people also.

There are various careers in zoology. I am talking countless opportunities for those interested in this kind of career. I will share just a few of the careers that are available in Zoology.

A Great Diversity

There is a diversity of careers in zoology. Some of the titles that you could have after getting your degree are animal caretaker, environmental educator, parasitology specialists, biology assistants and cytogenetic technician. This is just a few out of many others. There will be a whole world opened up to you depending on what you are more interested in.

Careers in Zoology also offer many other related occupations. Again, this is a real broad diversity in zoology careers.

Let me share a few with you.

There is a wildlife biologist, which pretty much is self-explanatory. Fishery biologist and marine biologist are another two. Again, self-explanatory. Marines study marine life. And fishery biologists study not only fishes, but also breeding and hatchery of fish. There are ecologists and zookeepers also. Laboratory technicians and nutritionists are also jobs available for you in Careers in Zoology.

Let’s talk a little about a couple of these careers. I start with marine biologists. If you are a marine biologist you will be studying, observing, protecting or managing marine organisms. These could be plant or animal. You could possibly be managing a wildlife marine preserve. You could be training dolphins. You will work with a computer and record information about the marine organisms that you are working with. A marine biologist is a broad career in its own right. There are many different things that you can do as a marine biologist.

How about if you are a zookeeper? If you are a zookeeper, you will be responsible for all the care of the animals in a zoo. This includes keeping all of the animals in good health. If you are a zookeeper, it is important that you have good skills at keeping track of information on the animals and keeping it all recorded.

Wildlife biologists study wild animals and their habitats. These can be people working in zoology, botany, chemistry, as long as they are studying wildlife, they are called wildlife biologists.

If you become an ecologist you will be studying the relationship of living things to their environment and to each other. Things you will determine are how temperature, rainfall, size and population affect living things.

This is just a few of the Careers in Zoology that you could have. Some of the places that hire people who have studied Zoology are arboretums, Fish and Wildlife services, Botanical Gardens, medical offices, human services and laboratories. Like I said, this is a very diverse career option. There are countless of different ways that you can pursue a good Career in Zoology.

Do You need to go To College?

Yes, most definitely, college is required for these kinds of careers in Zoology. How many years, depends on how far that you want to go. You at least have to have a Bachelors degree in Zoology. This can be a four to five year process. To receive your masters, you will need another two to three years of college. And for your PHD you will need an additional five to six years of schooling. So you will have to spend some time studying. But it will be well worth it in the end.

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