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Use the GRE Practice Test to Prepare

Use the GRE practice test to prepare for the GRE. How much preparation time you put in depends on how confident you are you will do well. At an absolute minimum, you at least need to know what to expect from the exam, such as:

• administrative procedures

• types of questions

• exam instructions

• how much time you have

• how many questions

If you go into the GRE completely ignorant of any of these components you are unlikely to do very well at all. After all, you can lose a huge amount of points for simply not answering a question.

Using GRE sample tests will give you an insight into the structure and format of the real thing. Familiarize yourself with the content of the sections by reviewing GRE test questions and answers, and analyze the strategies and how each section is scored.

You are not penalized for wrong answers, so answer them all. You need to work out the strategies that work best for you. GRE practice tests give you a good way to measure your current ability and help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Analytical Writing Preparation

No matter who you are, or how often you write, you still need to practice your analytical writing skills. Take a look at the scoring guides and descriptions, look at sample topics and essay responses that have already been scored to see what is expected on the GRE. As a GRE practice test, pick topics from the issues and arguments topic list and write your own responses. Read responses from people who have taken the GRE.

Analytical writing topics cover a wide range of topics, but you do not need specific knowledge to answer them. Each question is carefully formulated to ensure that:

• Anyone, no matter what your specific field of interest or study, can easily understand and discuss the topic.

• It produces the level of complex thinking and writing required as part of a graduate program.

• Responses were just as varied in their content as in the way the ideas were formulated.

The analytical writing section is always the first section in the GRE.

Strategies for the Verbal and Quantitative Sections

During the quantitative and verbal section you can always skip through the questions you need to spend more time answering and go back to them later. Be mindful though, if you miss answering any questions you will face harsh penalties.

When taking your test put all your strategies to the test. Make sure your GRE practice test is taken in an environment as close to the real one as possible. If you are serious about doing well, then your practice sessions are invaluable practice for the real GRE.

In these sections, keep in mind, that you can change your answers at any time within the given time period. Your scores are simply based on the number of questions correctly answered. It is to your advantage to make sure you answer every question, even if you get a few wrong, to maximize your score. You do not lose points for incorrect answers, but you do lose points for no answers.

During the test, focus and work as quickly as possible without being careless in your answers. Make sure you check you have marked your answers in the correct way and in the right rows. There would be nothing worse than losing points for simple mistakes.

A good strategy is to work through the GRE practice test as quickly as possible answering all the questions you can. Return to the ones you need to spend more time thinking about.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice is your best preparation for the GRE. This cannot be stressed enough. There are good GRE practice tests found online and many are free or inexpensive. Do not go into the GRE thinking you know it all because you have a great grade point average. This type of attitude could see you fail to get the scores you need.Make the most of your opportunity to prepare so you can sit your GRE with confidence and get into that program.

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