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Have you ever wondered how smart or dumb you are? Free IQ tests measure your brain power and helps boost your memory. They also help identify your weak points for any career path you want to follow.

These days we are often expected to take some type of pre-employment aptitude test. This is a nerve wracking part of the recruitment process that many of us dread. Really, there is nothing to fear as there are literally thousands of free IQ tests on the internet to help you study for any aptitude test you may have to sit.

The more IQ tests you take related to your career, the more your memory retains the information and the format. Also, the smarter you become.

What is an IQ Test Score?

Do you know what an IQ test score is? Do you know how you rate in an IQ test? If you do not know what your IQ score is, then start taking some of the free tests you can find online. Your age also counts towards your score. It is derived by dividing your mental age(M.A) with your chronological age(C.A) and multiplying the mean with 100, to normalize the number.

IQ= (M.A/C.A)X100

IQ tests are designed so that half the people who take them will score above 100 and the other half below. However mood, anxiety, stress, environment, education, culture and abode may influence IQ test rating variably. If you have ever wondered how the rest of the world scores, here is breakdown of the averages:

• 2.2 percent score lower than 70

• 6.7 percent score between 70 and 79

• 16.1 percent score between 80 and 89

• 50 percent score between 90 and 109 (this is the average score)

• 16.1 percent score between 110 and 120

• 6.7 percent score between 120 and 129

• 2.2 percent score 130 and above

Train your Brain

People have tested their IQ for years to measure their aptitudes against others. The more IQ and aptitude tests you take, the more you train your brain to work in that manner and you exercise your memory. Here are some simple tips you can do every day to keep your mind active:

• Solve cryptic crosswords or puzzles that require logic every day.

• Do not drive the same way to work every day. Vary your route from time to time.

• Try explaining complex issues to someone to test and practice your mind’s logic skills.

Tips to Raise your Score with Free IQ Tests

A free IQ test measures your overall intellect and not your knowledge so, in theory, raising your IQ score is not possible. But there are things you can do to increase your memory power and intelligence. There are techniques you can use to help you do better when you take free IQ tests. Here are three tips to help you when taking free IQ tests:

1. Be Prepared: Being prepared is the key to scoring well on a free IQ test:

a. Make sure you are relaxed and have an early night the night before your test.

b. Many studies show that eating fish can help your concentration levels, so eat fish before your test.

c. Use breathing techniques during the test to help your concentration and keep you calm.

d. Do anything it takes to prepare for your aptitude test.

2. Practice Test Taking: Become better at taking tests. Here are some techniques that can help you:

a. Skip questions you need to take time to think about. Come back to them later.

b. If your test is timed, go through and answer all the easy questions first so you do not miss any questions you can answer because you spent too much time answering a tough question.

c. Make sure you answer all the questions on multiple choice tests unless you lose points for wrong answers.

3. Study for your Test: We know that knowledge should not affect how we answer IQ test questions, reality is that it does. Take as many free IQ tests online and find your weaknesses. Once you know your weaknesses you can study in those areas to help you improve. If you are not native to the country you are applying for a job in, make sure you understand the cultural background.

These tips may seem really simple. If you practice these regularly you may just be surprised at just how smart you are.

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