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Do you wonder how your skills stack up, how else you can do with what you already know? Take the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test and you will know exactly where your strengths and weaknesses lie. The Wonderlic Basic Skills Test measures your aptitude for mathematics and your verbal skills and is used by many companies to help assess potential employees. It gives them a good indication of how well you use your verbal and mathematical skills in real-life working situations, as well as your cognitive abilities and how you are likely to perform in their company environment.

What are the Benefits?

With all tests there are the benefits as well as the downsides, including:

1. The Wonderlic Basic Skills Test helps screen potential employees. On the other hand, it is argued the test can lack objectivity if the interviewer conducting the test makes judgments based on their own perceptions.

2. The test provides data about an applicant within around 12 minutes. But taking such a short test may be difficult for you as you do not have time to compose yourself before sitting the test.

3. The Wonderlic Basic Skills Test does not discriminate against candidates from other countries or cultures applying for work in developed countries.

4. Using the Wonderlic test helps employers to avoid hiring the wrong people for the job. While you cannot expect a 12-minute test to produce perfect results, you can take the information and analyze it along with the candidate’s resume, references and performance in the face-to-face interview.

5. A lot of jobs require on-the-job training, such as apprenticeships, and the employer invests a lot of time and money into new people. The Wonderlic test measures your aptitude to learn different skills. This helps the potential employer assess your suitability for the job and, it also helps you to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

6. The test can be administered in a group situation or on an individual basis.

Measures your Skills

The Wonderlic Basic Skills Test focuses on your mathematical and verbal skills, but you also have to do well on other sections of the test too. It has been used worldwide since 1937 to test general intelligence and it measures how you problem-solve, understand instructions and how you learn.

Wonderlic Tests your Mathematical Skills

The mathematical skills section of the Wonderlic test has about 45 questions to measure your basic skills using subtraction, division, multiplication and addition. Usually a potential employer wants to know if you can:

1. Do basic mathematical equations using fractions, whole numbers and decimal points.

2. Use basic mathematical functions to solve monetary problems.

3. Understand basic units of measurement such as width, weight, distance, time, and length and how to apply them in practical situations.

4. Understand percentages, ratios and so on.

5. Grasp basic geometric concepts.

6. Grasp basic algebra.

Here are some samples of mathematical questions:

1. 86 x 27=

a. 237

b. 2332

c. 2322

d. 578

2. The bus to Oxford takes 3 hours, and normally arrives at 4:15 pm. If the bus is held up for 25 minutes, what time will it get to Oxford?

a. 4:40

b. 4:45

c. 4:50

d. 4:35

Measures your Verbal Skills

There are 50 questions in the verbal skills section of the Wonderlic test, and they are designed to measure:

1. If you understand and can carry out simple instructions.

2. If you can read some text and comprehend it to answer the questions that follow.

3. If you can solve problems using the information you are given. You are being tested on how you use your knowledge, not what you know.

4. Whether you can complete sentences correctly in context.

5. If you understand the meanings of words and whether you can use them in context.

6. If you can identify grammatical mistakes in written text.7. If you can use logic to find solutions by analyzing graphics and charts.

Here are some samples of verbal skills questions:

1. Which verb completes this sentence? Will you … the parcel tomorrow?

a. delivers

b. delivering

c. deliver

d. delivered

2. Which word completes this sentence? We were on the way to work, when the … screamed for help.

a. cat

b. parrot

c. neighbor

d. passerby

If you are looking for work, then take some practice of Wonderlic basic skills test so if a potential employer springs one on you at an interview you know what to expect.

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