A Twelve Minutes Test

The Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam is the educational equivalent of the Wonderlic personnel test which is used as a tool by employers for screening job applicants. Your educational results are not a true reflection of your cognitive abilities so the Wonderlic scholastic level exams breache the gap between the two to give educational institutions a clearer overall overview of each potential student.

Wonderlic tests were created by psychologist Eldon Wonderlic, who is well known for devising IQ tests that take minimal time but have optimum results. The Wonderlic scholastic level exam is ideal for educational institutions to use to test candidates applying for entrance into higher education.

It is a 12-minute test to measure your cognitive abilities to predict your capacity to learn and apply the skills you learn in your future career path.

How Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam is Used

Your education scores, special skills and abilities are not enough to measure your cognitive abilities. This Wonderlic scholastic level exam measures the inner skills that can never be measured academically or recorded while at school. This exam is used:

• To predict how well you will do professionally and academically in the future.

• As a learning tool by employers to measure your ability to learn on and off the job.

• To measure your potential success in a training program.

• To test students entering secondary school.

• To assess your weaknesses so you can strengthen the cognitive abilities to improve them.

• To assess whether you have the ability to study in harder academic programs.

• As a learning tool.

• Identify students who need additional assistance.

Wonderlic’s scholastic level exam and personnel test are similar. The only difference between the two is the scholastic exam is used to assess your ability for further study, and the personnel test is used by employers for screening job applicants.


The advantage for educational institutions using the Wonderlic scholastic level exam is it helps place students in learning programs suited to the skills, abilities, and learning styles which help them complete their training successfully.

For you, the advantage is you are taking training in an area that suits and interests you, which will help you have a successful career and life. If you are learning something you like, and that is interesting, then you are more likely to complete it successfully. Too many people try to force themselves to do things that are not truly for them which lead them to searching for the right career path for many years.

The Wonderlic scholastic level exam eliminates this. It helps you get your learning paths right the first time instead wasting many years looking for the career or job that gives you daily satisfaction.

Tips For Exam

The best thing you can do when you know you will be faced with a scholastic level exam is to prepare yourself. To prepare you need to understand the way the test works. Take sample tests online, even compare your scores with your friends or to famous people, for a bit of fun and to divert your attention from any stress.

Another good thing about taking free tests is that you can see the answers at the end which give you a chance to analyze your own answers in relation to the ones that are correct. If you got them wrong, then you can see why and can work out how to come to the correct solution. This is a great practice when you take the real Wonderlic scholastic level exam.

Taking sample tests help you to use your skills to improve your results when you take the real test. They will also reveal any weaknesses that you have. For example, may be you are weak at mathematics so this will be highlighted which gives you a chance to improve your knowledge before you take the real exam.

The Wonderlic scholastic exam is a fantastic tool for everyone whether you are going on to study or not, especially early in life. Sit the test and find out where your destiny lies, and how you truly see and respond to the world around you.

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