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How to Nail the Interview?

The job interview is the final phase in your application. It is only fit that a job interview advice is given to you prior to this big day so come prepared because this is where a decision is made. Of the thousands of applicants, only a handful of people are short listed for the final interview. Most of the times, you are fighting for a single position and it is really going to be a tough battle. You need to be prepared to shine and show the employer that you are the best applicant there is. But how?

Of the candidates short listed for this specific career process, this is the final gateway to your career; this is your opportunity to shine and show the employer the things that you were not able to put in your resume and cover letter. This is how your values are measured and this is where you showcase your talents. Below we have gathered the most effective tips that will help you win your dream job.

The Attire

One of the most common mistakes of people who go to an interview is they do not dress up for the occasion. A common job interview advice you will get from career professionals and even hiring managers is that you need to dress appropriately. Dressing in corporate attire is not always advised especially if the position you are applying for is not a managerial position. However, you should at least wear something regarded as smart casual.

As a general job interview advice or rule, you should not wear rubber shoes or slippers. You need to wear formal, closed shoes. For men, you need to dress up with long sleeved shirt or a shirt with collar, at the very least. Do not wear jeans and make sure your clothes are well pressed. For women, a dress is appropriate and heeled shoes are also a plus. Make sure you wear appropriate make up to compliment you. A make-up also serves as a good cover when you turn pale out of nervousness.

The Preparation

Tough questions may be asked during the interview. As mentioned earlier, this is the time when you are put to the final test and this includes measuring how prepared you are. There are some inquiries that you may not have expected and your failure to answer is significantly going to negatively impact your employer’s decision. Of course, there is no way you can prepare for everything, unless you have been interviewed a thousand times. Still, it is always better to be loaded than come unprepared for war.

One job interview advice worth noting is that you have to read a lot about the company’s background. Definitely, the interviewers will ask you why you want to work in their company. Your first step to successfully overcome this hurdle is to research. Never answer that you want to work for them because you just need a job or money. Know the company very well especially the good things about it that will make you a good fit. Research carefully about the company’s requirements and explain why your personality and skills are matching its needs.

Another job interview advice that will benefit you a lot is practicing. You can do this in front of the mirror or with a friend. Your friend can pretend as the employer asking questions and you will answer this to the best of your abilities. This role playing session develops your confidence and boosts your morale. This also strengthens your ability to be fluent in your answers, making you sound natural and smooth.

The Attitude

During the interview, you may not be aware of your own reactions, both facial and physical. These ticks and movements are being observed, too, just to let you know. It is important that you are conscious of how you move because these are dead giveaways of what you are thinking or how you are feeling. You should always remember that you are being judged at all times.

Our job interview advice for you is to stay calm and relaxed, especially when you are asked tough questions that you are unprepared for. Avoid fidgeting your hands because this makes you look uncomfortable. Keep them on your lap so you look in control. Keep your voice at an audible level but do not raise it, especially so when you are asked a question that you might deem offensive. Always look the interviewer in the eye because this emanates confidence and sincerity. Always take a time to pause to compose your answers. Rushing and speaking too fast gives the impression that you are not even thinking.

I am sure with these interview tips, you have got some information on very small issues. Always keep such things in mind before you go in and be confident as you are capable of getting your dream job.

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