Wonderlic Practice test is hard to find, as the real Wonderlic questions are a closely guarded secret and subject to copyright laws. Wonderlic tests are being used by more and more organizations to screen potential employees. They are simple and convenient to use, and test your basic intelligence in 12 minutes using a series of 50 questions. The good Wonderlic practice tests available have questions based on the same types of questions used in the Wonderlic test itself.

How To Find a Quality Practice Test

The best way to tell if you are taking an accurate Wonderlic practice test is if the questions get progressively harder throughout the test. A Wonderlic test starts off with easy questions that get harder as you work your way through the test. If they do not get harder, ditch the test and find another one that is a true reflection of the Wonderlic test.

Remember, there are no right or wrong answers on this test as it aims to measure your abilities and how you use what you know, rather than to measure what your level of knowledge is.Any practice test should simulate the real thing. Additionally to the questions, a practice should simulate the 12 minute time limit in which to answer 50 questions. If the test does not do this, then it is a poor replica of a Wonderlic test. It will have little value unless you practice taking Wonderlic tests that are true to form.

Wonderlic Test Questions

With 50 questions spanning subjects that include spatial, mathematics, and comprehension, it aims to measure your aptitude in different areas, for instance:

Language Comprehension: Language comprehension questions will have you compare two words and you will need to identify whether they are related to each other, are polar opposites of each other, or whether there is no relationship to each other.

Mathematical Comprehension: Mathematical questions have you solve simple mathematical calculations or finding patterns in a series of numbers to identify the next logical numeral in the series. Other mathematical questions will have you reading a short text paragraph and solving a problem posed within the text.

Spatial Comprehension: Spatial comprehension questions measure your ability to see similarities between shapes and objects, as well as being able to see them from all angles in your mind in order to problem-solve.

Another way to judge whether the Wonderlic practice test you are taking is real or not is that the questions should not be categorized in any way. Wonderlic practice test questions should be presented in a random order that has to switching between spatial, language and mathematical comprehension questions. The questions start off easy and get harder as you progress through the test.

If your practice test does not follow this type of format it is probably waisting your time if you are seriously looking to practice for a real Wonderlic test.

Why take Wonderlic Practice Tests

In an ever competitive job market place, globalization, and the explosion of the digital age employers have added intelligence testing to the mix when screening potential job applicants. It gives them an added edge and insight into candidates, and is used along with the more traditional methods of resumes and face-to-face-interviews.

Wonderlic tests are popular and test people based on their actual ability and reactions to certain situation and problems. The Wonderlic test is not an intelligence test and makes no pretence to measure your IQ. It measures how you deal with different situations and solve problems.

It is worth taking a Wonderlic test just to see what new things you can find out about yourself. If you are ever job hunting the odds are high you will need to sit one of these as part of the interview process. Regardless, it does give you an interesting insight and interpretation of who you are.

Once you know this, you can work on improving your weaknesses if they are holding you back from success in any area of your life. Get out there and take a good Wonderlic practice test to see how well you will do if you take the real thing.

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