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Wonderlic sample test assess your ability to pass a Wonderlic IQ Test when applying for work. The 12-minute personnel test has 50 questions that measure your problem-solving skills and ability for learning in the future. So, before you sit your aptitude test start taking Wonderlic practice test online.

Employers test candidates for the roles they apply for in their organizations. No longer is the screening process simply sending in an application and meeting for an interview. While, for many years, this process has been highly successful, aptitude testing truly reflects the personality and abilities of prospective employees.

Too often the decisions employers make based on references and interviews cost the organization time and money. New staff members do not stay, are unreliable or just cannot perform up to the level indicated in a face-to-face interview and from the recommendations of previous employees.

Staff are at the front line of an organization, and it is important to get the best staff possible for the long-term.Wonderlic tests help employers make decisions to hire the people with the skills, and the right personality to fit into their team. What can you do to better prepare for your job interview?

Practice with Wonderlic Sample Tests

There is not much you can do to prepare for a Wonderlic test as it is likely to be sprung on you while attending the job interview. If you are smart, you will be prepared and have been taking Wonderlic sample test so you know what to expect and understand its format.

You know you are looking for work, and you also know it is likely you will have to sit an aptitude test of some sort so take some practice tests. Be ready to face whatever your prospective employer throws at you in your interview.

Wonderlic Sample Test Questions

There are many Wonderlic sample tests online and something to remember is that a Wonderlic test normally lists the easiest questions first and they get harder the further you get into each section. If the sample Wonderlic tests you are taking do not do this, they are not true examples and you will not get a true feeling for the real test.

Here are samples of the types of questions you are likely to encounter on a Wonderlic test:

Reading Comprehension

1. Which of the following pairs mean the same thing?

a. present and presence

b. firsthand and forthwith

c. hardy and hardly

d. envy and jealousy

e. beauty and joy

2. The words Compliment and Complement:

a. Are similar in meaning.

b. Are opposite in meaning.

c. Are neither similar or opposite in meaning.

3. The words Practise and Practice:

a. Are similar in meaning.

b. Are opposite in meaning.

c. Are neither similar or opposite in meaning.

Mathematical Questions

1. A family travelling in their 4WD travels 500 miles, at an average speed of 100 miles per hour. How long does it take them to travel 500 miles?

2. A cup of muffin mix makes half a dozen muffins. How many cups of muffin mix do you need to make two dozen muffins?

3. Which of the following numbers is the biggest?

a. 25

b. 3.25

c. 0.27

d. 2.5

4. Which of the following numbers is the highest amount?

a. 90

b. 9

c. 0.900

d. 9.0

5. Which of the following numbers is the lowest amount?

a. 0.99

b. 9.9

c. 1.34

d. 0.08

Spatial Reasoning

1. If the first two statements are true:

a. She loves horses.

b. She rides horses at the local stables.

c. Her horse is white.

Is the final statement, false, true or is it impossible to know?

2. What number comes next in the following sequence?

9, 18, 36, 72, 144, …

3. If the first two statements are not true:

1. John hates dogs.

2. John loves cats.

3. John loves his dog.

Is the final statement, false, true or is it impossible to know?

Once you have an idea of what to expect when faced with a Wonderlic test at a job interview, you can take that test with confidence. Take some Wonderlic practice test to prepare you for that all important job interview, and your future.

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