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Mensa IQ Test Measures how Smart you Are

The Mensa IQ Test is world renowned for its accuracy in measuring the intelligence of the top 2 percent of the population. If your test puts you into this category, you can join the Mensa Society to participate in stimulating social and cultural activities with like-minded people.

Founded in 1946, by two Englishmen Roland Berrill (barrister) and Dr Lance Ware (scientist and lawyer), the only qualification to join the Mensa Society is to be among the smartest in the world. The society is free of all political, religious and racial biases, and fosters intelligence to benefit mankind. It encourages environmental research, and research into the human mind and what makes up intelligence.

For eligibility you must score 98 percent or higher on the supervised Mensa IQ test. Mensa has 40 organizations with 100,000 members in 100 countries. Mensa is a Latin word that means table and it symbolizes a round-table society where education, color, race, origin, age and social background makes no difference to your intelligence. The only thing that matters is having a high IQ. Member’s ages range from 4 to 94 which include people from all walks of life – from preschool children, people who dropped out of high school to those who are highly educated with multiple degrees.

Qualifying for Mensa Membership

Anyone can join Mensa and you either take the Mensa IQ Test or an approved test from another provider to prove your score in the 98th percentile of the population (this means your score must be equal to or more than 98 percent of people taking the test).

All tests must be supervised and Mensa does not accept the results on any online tests (because it does not consider the results as statistically valid) as you can get a result of 124 on one test and 132 on another, as infinitum. The scoring mechanisms differ from one test to another. Mensa’s 98th percentile cut-off avoids scoring disparities and makes it equal for everyone.

There are lots of benefits in joining the Mensa elite group. There is opportunity of new openings of contacts with other people. You can become a source of financial assistance for the deserving. You can interact with the common interest groups. Different magazines and newsletters published by the members are also useful

Practicing for the Mensa IQ Test

There are many places online you can take Mensa-like tests that give you a good insight into the real test. Mensa even has a workout test on its website that follows the same format as the supervised test.

If you want to join the Mensa Society then contact the organization in your country for details and they will send you a practice test so you understand what you face when you sit the supervised test for entry into the organization.You have a limited time to answer the questions which include:

• Questions that require you to use logical thinking to find the right answers.

• Questions that require you to visualize differences between shapes to identify the next shape that fits the sequence.

• Questions that require you to look at words and form new ones from them.

• Questions that require you to identify the correct answers using mathematical deduction.

Practice tests for the Mensa IQ Test will have all the types of question you will encounter on the supervised test.

Using the Results of Approved IQ Tests

You can use the results of any other IQ test approved by Mensa to join the society but a psychologist must supervise these tests. They cannot be taken online. Send the results into the Mensa Society for evaluation by a Mensa psychologist and, if the results are acceptable, Mensa will offer you membership.

Mensa Results for Entry

It is important to know that the results of your supervise entry test does not give you an IQ score. The IQ test is different to the test for entry into the society. If you want to score your IQ then you must apply to Mensa separately for IQ testing by a psychologist. You may take an IQ test Mensa online for free or some fee but the results shall be used by the Mensa just to invite you to take a real off line Mensa IQ test. If you score well on the Mensa IQ Test it may be enough to get you an invitation to join the society.

In a real off line Mensa IQ test you are generally offered 36 items. You are given an answer sheet to select your answers from the multiple choice options.

If you truly want to find out just how smart you are, the Mensa IQ Test is the most highly recognized and accurate test devised today. If you think you are smart enough, start taking practice IQ tests to see just how smart you are. You may just be smarter than you thought. However it is advised that the results should not be taken seriously. If you fail, there is nothing to worry because joining the Mensa group is not end of life.

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