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What are the Highest IQ Scores?

Intelligence quotient was formed to establish a baseline to measure the mentality, or intelligence, of us all. To this end, IQ tests are popular for measuring the highest IQ scores of the world’s population.The world’s average IQ stands at 100, so it stands to reason if you score above or below 100 you are either smarter or dumber than average.

Unfortunately there is no standardized definition for the conceptual word 'intelligence'. Most of the psychologists equate it with different acquirable capabilities. In 1986, during a controlled study, a group of 25 psychologists defined intelligence in 25 different ways. The definitions included adaptability to a new situation, cognitive capabilities, logical thinking, abstract thinking, originality, alertness, common-sense, productiveness and creativity.

Really, though, the word intelligence is overrated, because no matter how intelligent you are it is what you do that matters. So, if you think your IQ score is less than others, do not worry about it. What truly matters is how you treat others in the world and interact with life in general.

So how is your intelligence measured?

Common IQ Ranking System

There are several types of ranking system to obtain an IQ score, and the most common one is as follows:

• 140+ - genius or near genius

• 130 to 139 – gifted

• 120 to 129 – very superior intelligence

• 110 to 119 – superior intelligence

• 90 to 109 – average (or normal) intelligence

• 80 to 89 – dull intelligence

• 70 to 79 – borderline intelligence deficiency

• 50 to 70 – mildly mentally retarded

• 35 to 50 – moderately mentally retarded

• 20 to 35 – severely mentally retarded

• below 20 – profoundly mentally retarded

These scores are distributed across the population as follows:

• 50 percent of people taking an IQ test have scores between 90 to 110

• 70 percent of people taking an IQ test have scores between 85 to 115

• 95 percent of people taking an IQ test have scores between 70 to 130

• 95.5 percent of people taking an IQ test have scores between 60 to 140

• 132 is equal to the top 2 percent of the population

• 134 is equal to the top 1 percent of the population

• 68 is equal to the bottom 2 percent of the population

• 66 is equal to the bottom 1 percent of the population

Do you know how intelligent you are and where you fit into this scoring system? Have you ever wondered just how smart the smartest people living today are?

Highest IQ Scores on Record

It is interesting to look at the highest IQ scores of people still living:

• Kim Ung-yong (physicist and engineer) – IQ score of 210

• Christopher Michael Langan (bouncer) – IQ score of 195

• Philip Emeagwali (engineer) – IQ score of 190

• Garry Kasparov (world chess champion – IQ score of 190

• Marilyn Vos Savant (author) – IQ score of 186

• James Woods (actor) – IQ score of 180

• John Sullivan (politician – IQ score of 180

• Benjamin Netanyahu (prime minister) – IQ score of 180

• Andrew Wiles (mathematician) – IQ score of 170

• Judith Polgar (world chess champion) – IQ score of 170

• Robert Byrne (chess grandmaster) – IQ score of 170

• Bobby Fischer (world chess champion) – IQ score of 167

High IQ Scores from the Past

Research completed in 1926, by psychologists Dr Catherine Cox, Dr Lewis Terman, Dr Florence Goodenough, and Dr Kate Gordon listed an estimation of the IQs of the most prominent men and women that lived from 1450 to 1850. Here are some of the people with the highest IQ scores:

• Sir Isaac Newton – IQ score of 190

• Leonardo da Vinci – IQ score of 180

• Martin Luther – IQ score of 170

• Galileo – IQ score of 165

• Charlotte Bronte – IQ score of 165

• Beethoven– IQ score of 165

• Albert Einstein – IQ score of 160

• Benjamin Franklin - – IQ score of 160

• Abraham Lincoln – IQ score of 150

• Napoleon Bonaparte – IQ score of 145

• George Washington – IQ score of 140

• Sir Francis Drake – IQ score of 130

How High are your IQ Scores?

Now you know all about how the scoring system works and about the smartest people in the world, are you ready to join them? Find a good IQ test to see just how high you can score and compare yourself to some of the smartest people in the world. You will need up to an hour to take an in-depth IQ test. For the best results take some practice online tests so you know what to expect when you sit the test for real.

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