What Questions you Expect?

Do you often wonder about the IQ questions asked on an IQ test? Are you someone who thinks logically? Or maybe you are creative and good at interpreting ideas into reality? What about numbers? Are they something that comes easily to you? Have you always wondered how smart you are compared to the rest of the population? Take an IQ test.

Take an IQ test to stimulate your mind and see how you naturally learn.There are many types of IQ tests you can take online, but keep in mind that while they give you a good guide, they are not true IQ tests as you are not answering the IQ questions under supervision.

What is IQ?

The term IQ stands for intelligence quotient and is a score from a test designed to measure the cognitive abilities of the population as a whole. The score is measured on a scale with 100 the average, with more than 130 considered genius, and below 70 there will be learning abilities.No matter what age you are, your age is a major factor of measuring your score against the results of others in your age group relevant to your development level.

What is Cognitive Ability?

What is your cognitive ability? IQ questions specifically measure how you problem solve and understand concepts in general. All IQ questions measure your ability to recall information and sounds from the past, how you use logic to solve problems, and how you see relationships and patterns between different things.

An IQ test measures your intelligence across several areas, including:

• memory skills – your ability to remember things aurally or visually

• mathematical skills – how you solve problems and your level of logic

• communication skills – how you recognize words and complete sentences

• spatial relations abilities – your ability to visually manipulate things

Most IQ tests do not measure your emotional intelligence, as they measure your intellectual potential rather than how you react when under stress.

Each category of IQ questions measures a specific cognitive ability and the majority of people usually do better in one specific area. According to research, people who score exceptionally well in one cognitive area; usually do just as well across all areas. They are able to truly see the big picture. The same goes the other way round, with someone who does not do well in one area will usually not do well in any area.

Using this, experts determined there is one specific intellectual ability that is the determining factor of your cognitive abilities. IQ questions are designed to measure your general intelligence. The best types of tests to take are the ones that have IQ questions from a range of different categories.

Sample IQ questions

1. Which one of these are least like the others – potatoes, carrots, yams, beetroot, lettuce?

2. Which of these is least like the others – milk, eggs, bread, cheese, ham?

3. Which of these is least like the others – soda, bourbon, wine, beer, cider?

4. What number comes next in this series? 5, 2, 10, 20, 200, …

5. If three men can cut 6 tons of wood in 3 days. How many days does it take four men to cut 24 tons of wood?

6. Choose the word that means the opposite of Sacrilegious – pious, offensive, irreligious, improper, nice.

7. Choose the word that means the opposite of Venerable – esteemed, honored, admired, disreputable, admirable.

8. Take 7 cabbages from 9 cabbages and how many do you have?

9. Divide 40 in half and add 15 and what do you get?

10. The … boy caught the … kitten. Which of the following words best fit this sentence?

a. cunning/gentle

b. cautious/mature

c. boisterous/wild

d. careless/wild

11. He was … quickly to catch the … Which of the following words best fit this sentence?

a. jogging/car

b. walking/taxi

c. running/bus

d. strolling/train

12. A grandfather is to a grandmother what a father is to a: nephew, mother, son, cousin?

13. Anger is to tears what happiness is to: ambivalence, fear, joy, sadness.

Can you Increase your IQ Score?

Most professionals say you cannot increase your IQ score, but studies have shown that some children with the correct environment and intellectual stimulation can boost their IQ scores but it is not permanent. Once you are an adult your intelligence does not increase as you get older but your knowledge and experience does.

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