Indicates Your Intelligence Quotient

The IQ results scale tells you how intelligent you are compared to the rest of the population. IQ is the shortened form of Intelligence Quotient and it measures your intelligence based on the results of a series of tests. An IQ results scale rates 100 as an average IQ, and scores range to well above and below the average.Interestingly enough, 50 percent of the world’s people have an average IQ while 25 percent have a higher IQ and the other 25 percent have a lower than average IQ.

The IQ results scale is what IQ tests use to measure your IQ when you take a test. The following gives you IQ scores, what they mean, and the percentage of the population fall into each area:

• above 130 – very superior intelligence (2.2 percent of the population)

• 120 to 130 – superior intelligence (6.7 percent of the population)

• 110 to 119 – above average intelligence (16.1 percent of the population)

• 90 to 109 – average intelligence (50 percent of the population)

• 80 to 89 – below average intelligence (16.1 percent of the population)

• 70 to 79 – borderline mentally retarded (6.7 percent of the population)

• below 70 – mentally retarded (2.2 percent of the population)

Test your IQ with an IQ Test

Almost 100 years ago, the first test was devised to test human intelligence. Originally tests were for testing school children in France to identify children with learning difficulties and to help them through their education.

While tests have their uses, they can only really measure your intelligence on an academic level. No matter how you score on an IQ results scale, do not let it limit your potential for success. It is up to you to put in the work and commitment to succeed to reach your goals throughout your life.

A good IQ test is written to find out the most information it can about you across a wide range of general aptitudes. How you score will tell you if you are visually motivated, can think logically, or if you have exceptional verbal or mathematical skills. IQ tests will include sections to test your:

• spatial skills

• general knowledge

• logic and reasoning skills

• mathematical skills

• ability to recognize patterns

• verbal skills

• short term memory capacity

• classification skills

The things an IQ test does not measure includes things like your:

• social intelligence

• emotional intelligence

• musical abilities

• physical coordination

• artistic aptitudes

• spirituality

Some Facts About Results Scale

An IQ score is a number that indicates your level of intelligence that predicates the abilities you have for future learning and knowledge. It is important not to take your IQ score too seriously as only you have control of your destiny. Here are some things to consider when interpreting your IQ result scales:

1. An IQ score does not reflect the true nature of someone.

2. An IQ score indicates how well an individual performs a set of tasks rather than who they are.

3. An IQ score as a result of a test is not necessarily a true measure of intelligence. There are many variables such as physical coordination, emotional intelligence, and spirituality that are not taken into account.

4. Use your IQ results to compare yourself with people with different IQ levels.

5. Make sure you interpret your IQ in context with other parts of your life and with a psychologist to help you.

6. Your IQ results are not necessarily linked with success in your career and in your life.

IQ Results Scale of Occupations

While the IQ results are not necessarily linked to your occupation, it is interesting to see what the IQ scores are of the individual’s that work within some of the most common occupations:

• IQ score of 140 – scientists, researchers, top level civil servants, professors.

• IQ score of 130 – surgeons, doctors, engineers, attorneys.

• IQ score of 120 – accountants, nurses, teachers, managers, pharmacists, secretaries.

• IQ score of 110 – policemen, telemarketers, clerks, electricians, foremen.

• IQ score of 100+ - welders, shopkeepers, metal workers, machine operators, butchers.

• IQ score of -100 – truck drivers, cooks, carpenters, bakers, small farmers.

• IQ score of 90 – factory workers, gardeners, miners, laborers, upholsterers, farm workers.

No matter how well you do on the IQ results scale, it is only an indication of what you are capable of and it is up to you to do what it takes to succeed.

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