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Color Personality Tests Help choose your Career

We all know how much colors can influence our moods and emotions. Color personality tests measure your personality based on your color choices. They claim your preferred color choices can show how you currently feel and what your future behavior is likely to be. More and more some organizations and schools are recognizing color personality tests as being important part of the process for choosing the right career for you.

In the 1940s, Max Luscher a Swiss psychotherapist claimed that different colors affected a person differently, for example:

• black is somber

• blue is calming

• red is exciting

Luscher used reverse logic so different colors represented different type of behavior. If a color represents your current emotional state, and you constantly choose a particular color, it represents how you tend to deal with the world around you on a day-to-day basis. He invented the color test which is a tool for measuring the person's psycho-physical state based on color preferences.

Don Lowry came along in 1978 and suggested there were four basic color personalities, just as the Myer Briggs had four main personality types, which demonstrate how you react emotional to the world.

Impact of Colors

Color is what we see when light is reflected on different frequencies around us. The retinas in your eyes collect information from your environment which then interacts with the three major pigments in your retinas: yellow, blue and green. Your retinas process the colors in your environment so you understand them.If the cells in your retinas stop working correctly, you can end up being color blind.

Most psychologists believe that color has a huge influence on different people in different ways, and the way a color affects a person is based on past memories. For example, the black of a hearse will make you feel sad whereas a beautiful, shiny black stallion may make you admire his beauty.

So,let us see what are colors and their meanings?

Colors and their Meanings

There are many types of color personality tests and they all use different sets of colors that have their own meanings. Here are some general colors and their meanings.

The Color Blue

Blue is a cool color associated with calmness. It is preferred by men and is a symbol of contentment. If your favorite color is blue, color personality tests result will say you are creative, harmonious and balanced, and that you tend to avoid conflict. You like peace and love the arts. Your career choices are music, the arts and literature.

The Color Gold

Gold is a warm color associated with responsibility and loyalty. If gold is your favorite color, you are an organizer who likes to live in peace. You have good work ethics and enjoy working in the service industry and have a high degree of stability, performance and organizational skills.

The Color Green

Green is a cool color associated with growth, harmony, tranquility, luck, environment and decisiveness. It is a symbol of self respect. If green is your favorite color, you are persistent and make quick decisions based on facts rather than emotions. You work well in scientific, research and auditing careers because of your highly developed analytical skills.

The Color Orange

Orange is a warm color associated with strength, energy, warmth, excitement, and power. If your favorite color is orange, you are competitive and will fight to win. You are suited to a career in architecture, sports and engineering as you have a natural aptitude design.

The Color Red

Red is a warm color associated with excitement, competitiveness, enthusiasm, comfort, love, power and passion. It is a symbol of self confidence. If your favorite color is red, you are courageous, intense, and know what you love and hate. You are suited to careers as a surgeon, in athletics and emergency services. You tend to be a good communicator and talker, but when you stop and listen you have a unique knack to solve the problems of the world.

Just remember, though, no matter what color personality tests tell you, you know yourself better. If the results do not match what you think you are, take a few more and take a look at a cross-section of the results. The results of these tests may be influenced by the emotional state you were in at the time of taking the test.

Colors are a non-verbal form of communication, so take a color personality test to see what color your world is.

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