How to Pass the Test

Is it that you sail through the background check and interview phase only to fail on the personality test for employment? How many personality tests for pre employment have you taken? While employers and psychologists argue there is no right or wrong answer in personality tests. Rather, the answers determine the type of person you are and whether you will succeed if awarded the position and fit into the organization.

Obviously there are answers that will get you hired and those that will leave you still looking for work. Let us take a look at the type of questions to expect on a standard personality test for employment.

Type 1 Questions

These types of questions intend to establish you have a basic education, for example:

A dozen is equal to 12.

• True

• False

There is no excuse for getting any of these types of questions wrong unless you fail to read the instructions.

Type 2 Questions

At first glance type 2 questions look the same as type 1 questions, but these questions try to define your personality. The questions have multiple answers that are socially acceptable but may have different connotations. An employer wants to know what sort of person you are, for example:

I enjoy being in crowded situations.

• True

• False

There is no wrong answer to this question. What this type of question seeks to establish is whether you are outgoing or an introvert. Obviously you want a prospective employer to see you as outgoing so here are some examples of questions and their answers to indicate that:

• I hate being alone. (True)

• I avoid being center of attention. (False)

• I enjoy going to big, crowded events. (True)

Type 3 Questions

In personality test for employment Type 3 questions seek to establish your work ethics. While most of these questions are easy there are a few tricky ones, for example:

I am at my best working under pressure.

• True

• False

Do not think that if you answer true you will be expected to work too hard. This is only an assessment that measures your dedication to your job. Here are some examples along with the right answers:

• I can always find more to do when finished my current tasks. (True)

• I work best independently. (False)

• I am always taking quick breaks. (False)

• I need close supervision. (False)

Type 4 Questions

Let us explain more about personality test for employment!

Type 4 questions seek to measure your attitude to customer service, whether you have leadership and self management skills, for example:

If a customer comes in and starts yelling at you, do you:

• Instantly call the police.

• Instantly call your supervisor.

• Remain calm, apologize and ask how you can help resolve the situation.

• Yell back.

Your answers indicate how you handle stressful situations. The last thing an employer wants is you overreacting and calling the police or a supervisor without attempting to resolve the situation; and the worst thing you can do is yell back at an angry customer.

Type 5 Questions

Type 5 questions are the toughest and have double meanings, for example:

I do not know anyone who has ever stolen anything.

• True

• False

If you answer true to this we all know that everyone knows someone who has stolen at sometime; on the other hand, you do not want to be perceived as someone who hangs out with the wrong type of people.

The following questions measure how likely you are to lie, cheat or steal from the company and what the question is really asking:

• White lies are alright to make people feel better. (Are you a liar?)

• I would never take home office supplies. (Are you a thief?)

• If I get too much change when buying goods and not notice until later, I would go back to return the money. (Would you steal from the company?)

• I find it so frustrating when criminals are not convicted. (I do not have faith in the justice system and will most likely feel the same about company policy.)

• I do not like following orders. (I do not have a respect for authority.)

As you can see there is a pattern here so always look for any hidden meanings and subtext.

Most personality tests for employment are multiple choice questionnaires so make sure you answer all the questions as you have a 25 percent chance of getting it right if you do not know the answer.

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