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The ultimate question is this: What kind of Pokemon are you? This is essentially what the Pokemon personality test tries to answer. Based on the very popular anime series on television and card games, this test aims to compare you to fictional characters that share human traits. However, it is not a real psychological test. Read more to find out your Pokemon equivalent.

The Pokemon personality test is not a real intelligence test. It is one of those fun tests in which your personality is measured or compared to a cartoon character, called Pokemon. The concept of Pokemon was developed in 1996 and started as a video game in which your goal is to collect all the types of Pokemon species. Today, Pokemon is a leading TV animation series and card game as well.

Famous Pokemon Characters

A Pokemon, essentially, is an out of this world creature that a person collects and trains to fight against other trainers’ Pokemon. A Pokemon cannot talk but each type of Pokemon has a different characteristic. They can be sweet and cuddly and they can be aggressive and impatient. Today, there are over 600 types of Pokemon. In the Pokemon personality test, all you have to do is to answer random questions and in the end, you will be told what type of Pokemon you are. It is the same type of test that you take in social bookmarking websites in which your personality type is compared to a coffee, an ice cream, or an actor. Here are some famous Pokemon characters and their respective characteristics:


Pikachu is a rodent-looking Pokemon. He is probably the most popular of all the characters in Pokemon and is perhaps considerably the most adorable. He is the official symbol of the Pokemon franchise. A Pikachu Pokemon is found in houses, forests, and other islands in the fictional world of Pokemon. Pikachu is also an electric type of Pokemon, commonly referred to as an electric mouse. By character, Pikachu is very popular and cool. He is very friendly and very loyal to his master. He does not love to fight but will defend himself and his friends if placed in danger. A Pikachu is willing to sacrifice himself for loyalty.


This Pokemon is a dragon-looking like animal. Charizard is an evolved form of a Charmander. It has the wings of a dragon but the body of a dinosaur or a chameleon. Pretty much, it is a reptile. Generally speaking, a Charizard is a very competitive Pokemon. On the Pokemon personality test, you are likely to be compared to this Pokemon if you are a fierce competitor. It loves to be engaged in battles and it is a very determined Pokemon to win its fights. From a personality standpoint, you are likely to get this personality if you are a fighter and if you are a goal-oriented person.


In the Pokemon personality test, you will be compared to this Pokemon if you are shy and timid. A Clefairy is a fairy type Pokemon that is pinkish in nature and is always chubby. It has stocky limbs and sensitive ears. It has small wings but it cannot fly. However, the Clefairy bounces to move and this is what makes it fun and graceful to look at.

A Clefairy is a very smart Pokemon that can learn easily. It is very adaptable to its environment and can learn a lot of elemental attacks. In the wild, they rarely show themselves to humans and they like stealing just for the sake of it. This is why this breed of Pokemon is known in the Pokemon word as kleptomaniacs.


Another common character appearing in the Pokemon personality test is the Psyduck. It is a yellow duck that also looks like a platypus. It has s small tuft of hair and walks upright with its legs. Instead of wings, the Psyduck has arms and it is known for its high levels of psychic abilities. The Psyduck is known in the Pokemon world to pretend weak so its enemies will not know how powerful it is. It can control things with its mind and has great telepathic abilities.

You are likely to get this character in the Pokemon personality test if you are always sickly and tired or if you fail to concentrate. The Psyduck is known for its perpetual headache and it is deemed lazy because it always stands catatonic to relieve itself of its headache. As a result of this headache, the Psyduck cannot think clearly and it always holds its head as if for balance. You are likely to be judged with this character if you are very susceptible to stress.

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