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What is welding and welding careers?

Welding is the most common way to permanently join metal parts. When heat is applied to metal pieces, the metal melt together and then fuses together in a permanent state. Because of its strength and endurance it is used in things like automobiles and aerospace.

Things that are welded surround us everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Things from skyscrapers to automobile plants to shipyards. Things that you would not even think about. So being a welder is a very popular and in high demand career. But what kind of Welding Careers can you have? Read on and I will share a few.

Different Opportunities

There are so many choices of careers in welding that it is impossible to share all of them with you in this article. So I am going to tell you about just a few of them, to just give you an idea of the array of possibilities that Welding Careers entail.

One possibility of these careers is a blacksmith. You have heard of blacksmiths, right? Those big musclemen pounding out metal then welding it in the shape they want it to be. Well, yea not all blacksmiths look like that, but you will need a lot of strength for this career. As a blacksmith you will forge, weld, rivet and repair parts used in machinery and industrial equipment. As a blacksmith you will need to be creative but a lot of blacksmiths take it one step further and turn it into artistry, making things like custom railing for customers.

Another example of Welding Careers is an underwater welder. First of all to be an underwater welder, you must also be a certified diver. There are a lot of skills that you must have other than just welding. You will need to know things like how to strip cement underwater and how to cut under water. An underwater welder does things like work on bridges and on shipwrecks and other structures underwater.

Boiler Makers

Boilermakers is another Welding Career. Boilermakers make, install and repair boilers and other large vessels that contain liquids and gases. This can be a dangerous job and also is physically demanding. After installation of these vessels, they will continue to maintain them and keep them in good working order over the years. This career can be hard and demanding. But as a boilermaker, you will definitely be able to always find a job and this choice of careers has a great chance of promotions into higher fields of Welding Careers.

One more example of careers in welding are to be a construction welder. A construction welder is a career that is always going to be in high demand. As a construction welder you will be able to weld objects to specifications from drawings. As a skilled construction welder you will be able to perform three different types of welding, arc, gas and resistance.

Like I said, there are way to many possibilities of Welding Careers to even begin to mentioning them all. Welders are in high demand everywhere. So if you choose this career and get the right training, you will be able to pretty much choose where you want to work.

Training Needed

So what kind of training or schooling do you need to be a welder? Well it depends on how far you want to go. Some welders just get on the job training or only go to a few weeks of school. But if you only do this expect to start out, as the low man on the totem pole and you will not have as much of a choice about where you want to work. In order to get a good start on this career and have more chances to work higher up on the ladder then you really should get some college under your belt. Schooling in things like blueprint reading, chemistry, mechanical drawings, shop mathematics and physics will really help advance your welding career. The more training that you have the more employers will be interested. If you are going to do it, do it right.Welding is a well- respected hand on career that takes focus and concentration. Like any skill it takes hard work to master but the end result is totally satisfying to those who are willing to give what it takes to be successful.

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