What is My IQ

What is my IQ? “What is my IQ?” you may well ask. Have you ever wondered about how smart you are? Wondered what your IQ, or intelligence quotient is? Do…Read more →


Measures your Mental Capacity The WAIS IQ Test is one of the oldest, most reliable tests still used today. Designed and introduced by David Wechsler in 1939, these tests measure…Read more →

Tickle IQ Test

Is it Accurate? Founded in 1999 and dissolved in 2008, Tickle is a website that offers several IQ tests to supposedly inform, improve, and allow you to measure up your…Read more →

River IQ Game

A Kind of IQ Test The River IQ Game is a puzzle that is designed to test your mental resolve, and problem solving abilities. Originally given to job applicants in…Read more →

Normal IQ Scores

Importance Ever since they thought to measure intelligence, psychologists have pondered the question of what normal IQ scores are. There are many quizzes and tests devised to measure different facets…Read more →