Teaching For Our Future

Are you searching for careers in childhood education? Do you love working with young kids? Is it easy for you to captivate a child’s attention? Do kids come to you at a get together or at a park, because you know how to have fun with them?

Well, if you answered yes to these questions then you need to read on. Teaching a child is one of the most important jobs that anyone can have and working with children can be a very satisfying and rewarding career. What you teach a child at a young age will affect them for the rest of their life. And the best thing about such careers is that there are so many options of careers in childhood education to choose from.

Options of Careers

One of the first careers in childhood education that comes to mind is being a pre school teacher or kindergarten teacher. As a pre school and kindergarten teacher you will teach young children how to behave and get along with other children. You will help children build self-esteem. You will teach them the basics of things like numbers, alphabet, and shapes. You will basically get them ready for their future in school. Prepare them in dealing with the next 12 years of school.

Careers In Childhood Education: The Elementary Teacher

You can also be an elementary teacher. This would be teaching kids from age 6 to about age 11 or so. These are important years in a child’s school career. You will be getting them started on all of their basics in school. How well they do in elementary school can effect how they do the rest of the time that they are in school. As an elementary teacher you will be teaching them how to read, write and do basic things.

You can also be a teacher’s assistant or sometimes called a teachers aide. You will be the teacher’s right hand person. You will help where is needed, in teaching, in grading papers, making copies, just anywhere that the teacher needs you to help. Your job will be just as important as the teachers because without you being in the room to help they may not be able to get as much accomplished.

Another career in childhood education is being a physical education teacher. A physical education teacher can be just as important to a child’s development as a school teacher. As a physical education teacher you can teach child coordination, and how to be physically fit. This is something that will follow them for the rest of their lives.

Child Care Workers

Child care workers are another one of the careers in childhood education. As a child care worker you will not only take care of the child while they are in your care. You will also prepare them for life in school. You will help them to learn to get along with other children. As a child care worker you can teach a child the basics that they need to know, for example how to tie their shoes. Child care workers are important to a child’s early development. Because what a child learns in their formative years will help them in years to come.

Education Required

Most careers in childhood education require a four-year degree. unless you already have a degree and you want to change your direction then you may be able to get a degree in a year. But you must have a bachelor’s degree. If you are going to be a school counselor or psychologists then you will require masters.

Of course jobs like a teachers assistant or a child care worker usually only requires that you have a high school diploma. Background checks will be performed in these kinds of careers though.

So if any of these careers in childhood education interests you or the many others that there is, its time to get started and make a child’s future brighter.

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