Careers in business offer many different paths to travel with opportunities that are vast and very rewarding. The term “Business Career” is really very broad in the sense that you can choose from many varied career fields in the business industry. Lets explore some of the opportunities that await you in a Business Career.

Business Management

One of the fastest growing fields in business is Business Management. This is partly due to the fact that there is no end to management opportunities. There are literally thousands of small, medium and large businesses in existence and all of them need qualified individuals to manage their operations. This could include Managing a Fast Food Restaurant, a large Full Scale Restaurant or a fortune 500 Company and everything in between. Corporations are always on the look out for fresh leadership candidates to take their operation to a higher level of profitability. The ability to monitor operations, control costs and motivate employees is a skill much appreciated.

Most corporations require Management Candidates to have at least a Bachelors Degree in Business. There are some very large companies that even require a Masters Degree. In some cases you can work your way up from a valuable employee into Management. Experience and leadership credentials also play a major role.

Finance, Marketing and Consulting

The business career field is wide open. Three of the major branches are Finance, Marketing and Consulting. Working in Business Finance means you could be an Asset Manager, Bank Officer, Budget Analysts, Financial Analysts, a Stock Broker, Financial Planner or other various job titles in the world of Corporate Finance and Insurance.

Business Marketing can include you being an Economist, Market Research Analysts, Researcher, Marketing Executive and more. The world of Business Marketing calls for qualified individuals with the ability to develop strategic marketing opportunities to grow a business. Business Consulting is one of the most popular fields in Business. Imagine the opportunity to provide business advice to companies who are struggling, rising or trying to build upon their success. You could be the “go too person” who steers them in the right direction. Some of the possible job titles in marketing would be Research Assistant, Business Analyst or simply Business Consultant. Business Careers in Finance, Marketing or Consulting will almost certainly require a BA or BS Degree.

Careers in Business: Accounting

An Accountant assists companies or individuals by tracking their assets and income. Once again this can be broken down into many different activities. If you enjoy crunching numbers then this is the business career field for you. The average accountant will earn over $50,000 a year and up depending on their specialty and the size of the company they work for. Some job titles for accountants are CPA (certified public accountant), Budget Analysts, Financial Analyst, Tax Accountant, Accounting Manager and Auditing Accountant. You will have plenty of opportunity to work with numbers in all of these.

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Careers in Business; Real Estate

The Real Estate business field is wide open as well. You can be an Agent or Broker, Appraiser, Property Manager, Real Estate Investor, Real Estate Developer and much more. The salary for this field varies as widely as the job titles. It is possible to make millions in real estate and many have done so. The average real estate manager will make around $57,000 per year. Six figures are not out of the question.

We have taken a snap shot of only a few of the many business career fields. As you can see the field can be lucrative. If you are considering a career in business it is strongly recommended that you obtain your BA at the very least. This will open many doors for you. When it comes right down to it getting the right degree is just good business.

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Careers in Business and Psychological Tests

The psychological tests can have different impact upon different people looking for opportunities in the business as a career.

When you are an owner, the psychological tests may not create any problem for you. Instead they are designed to assist you in selecting the best candidate for a given slot for your money. The IQ test developers know that if you hired a bad worker, you will have to face crucial liabilities in future.

However, if you are amongst those who are intending to join a business career as an employee then the psychological tests are going to play a very vital role in your career. If you failed to encounter the screening psychological test successfully, the psychologist may disqualify you for the given position.

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