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How do employers exactly choose their employees? There is a thing called personality compatibility test. This test allows them to select the people who will best fit the current working environment. Read on and understand how this test will impact your career.

A personality compatibility test is a kind of assessment that allows employers to measure your behavior. What it does is to match different people to different jobs and environments. Many employers use this at the beginning of the hiring process to ensure that the people they interview are strong candidates for the job. Not only do personality compatibility tests measure how you will behave around people, but also help the employer understand your traits such as motivation, initiative, and other attitudes that are all important to make you successful in your career.

What is Personality?

Before you even take on a personality compatibility test, you need to understand the concept of personality. Although this is pretty much a word used every day, personality is essentially defined as a person’s character and behavior. This defines an individuals and this is the factor that makes a person unique from the rest. There are people who have similar personalities but there will never be two people who think and behave in the same way in all circumstances

What is a Compatibility Test?

In a personal compatibility test, you are seated and assessed through answering a lot of questions, most of which are repetitive to check and test your consistency. After you take the test, a qualified assessor will interpret the results of your test and study your personality based on the answers you provided. What this person does is to analyze if you are likely to have a successful working relationship with your colleagues.

In the test, you will be assessed based on how you communicate. Many questions will also determine your integrity, honesty, work ethics, interpersonal skills, interests, and many more. This does not mean that you will not get the job. There is no pass or fail mechanism in this test. It merely reflects who you are. If you are a thrifty individual and an introvert, your employer is not likely to place you in an environment filled with gamblers and extroverts. Being mingled with those people is not likely to make you a happy employee and thus, the employer will put you in a group that you are more likely to be comfortable with.

The Zamora Personality Test

Perhaps the most popular personality compatibility test used these days is the Zamora Personality Test. It is a test that has an extensive inventory of personalities and behaviors. These behaviors are categorized into “desirable” and “undesirable.” Although it is not considered as a psychological test, it is one of the leading tests used to measure a person’s likelihood to mingle with a given crowd.

The Zamora Attributes

The Zamora Personality Compatibility Test has two main categories of personalities: the individual attributes and the social attributes. The individual attributes refer to your well being and personal character traits. The social attributes refer to your ability to interact with people.

Individual Attributes

• Achievement: this refers to your motivation to work

• Maturity: this is an assessment of how you react to situations in a professional and adult manner

• Temperament: this has something to do with your patience and how emotional you could become

• Performance: this is related to your motivation. What this measures is your desire to achieve your goal

• Energy: this refers to your ability to put extra effort in your work

Social Attributes

• Aggression: what this aims to measure is your ability to hold your frustration and anger. This will tell your employer if you are likely to open up a debate or argue a lot

• Dependability: what this refers to is your ability to gain the trust of your colleagues

• Leadership: in the workplace, how will you stand out as a leader? This part of the test checks your potential for success

• Compliance: this part of the test checks your ability to follow policies in the workplace

There are many more traits that will be measured and assessed in a personality compatibility test. The examples above are only a few. But at least you get a picture of the type of questions you will be asked. Typically, the test is in multiple choice format so this does not allow you to answer the test in many ways. This is designed this way to force you to select the best choice that describes you. If the test was designed to allow users or test takers to answer in the way they want, it will be very difficult to assess a person’s personality.

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