What Types of Personality Tests should you Take?

If you have ever wondered what type of personality you have, there are all types of personality tests you can take to help you discover your innermost self.By understanding your personality you unlock and understand your personal qualities; such as, leadership, whether you are outgoing, have empathy, or whether you are shy, to help you find a career field that makes you happy.

You are lot more effective when you understand management, communications, motivation or relationships whether it is for yourself or others. It is a lot easier to work with people when you understand them and their personalities. It also gives you a greater understanding of what motivates people to behave the way they do.

The psychologist have devised a lot of personality tests which aim at some specific or general traits of a personality.Many kinds of personality tests include many items which are to be rated by the person who is being evaluated. Project tests as TAT and INK BLOTS are also tests of the same kind that analyze a personality indirectly.

How Personality Tests Work

Various types of personality tests are an effective tool to give you greater self-awareness to develop your life in the direction that makes you happiest. By understanding personality types and traits, the way people think and how they learn, it improves how you interact and understand the people at home and at work.

This helps you to see and appreciate that we are all different, with different values and strengths, and qualities. These are all personality based and it helps to understand why people behave the way they do. It is not that they intentionally mean to upset anyone around them; it is just that they are who they are.

What are Personality Tests used For

While you may use your personality test results to it understand yourself and those around you better, many organizations use them as part of their standard screening process for jobs and training purposes.Organizations use the results to see whether you have the aptitude for the job or training you are applying for. Organizations also want to see for themselves if you have the skills you say you do. Personality tests have become an important part of a job candidate’s process for getting a job.

Different Types of Personality Tests

There are all sorts of different types of personality tests online. Take a few and take a look at the results. It is to take a look at the variances there are among the results for the tests. The free tests are not necessarily based on strong scientific analysis that is why they are free. They are a basis to work from. If you want a true personality test, validated by a psychologist, it will not be free.

Four Main Personality Types

There are different ways of measuring personality types and many different systems. The most common system is the method that categorizes personalities into the following four groups:

1. The Driver

o is goal focused

o knows how to get what they want

o is direct in their communication

o can be tactless

o does what it takes to get what they want

o meets conflict head on

o is hardworking

2. The Expressive

o is a natural story teller and salesperson

o is an excellent communicator

o is competitive

o can exaggerate and omit necessary facts

o can talk rather than do

3. The Amiable

o is kindhearted and avoid arguments

o has difficulty making decisions

o is very sensitive

o is introspective and quiet

o blends well into any environment

4. The Analytical

o is detail oriented

o needs all the facts to make a decision

o may be pessimistic

o tends to be critical

o tends to be perceptive

Which Personality Test is the best?

There are so many different types of personality tests it is hard to say which is the best. What you can do though, is get online and take a cross section of different personality tests and compare the results.

While there are many free personality tests online, they may not be as scientifically based as the types of personality tests a psychologist writes, which you will have to pay for. These results will be more accurate and your personality report more comprehensive than any free test.

Whether you take a personality test as part of the screening process for a job or just because you want to know more about yourself, they are a useful tool. Use the results to take a look at yourself and understand what you need to motivate you in your career and your life. Take a personality test today; you may just be surprised at what you find out.

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