Lawyer Careers: The Law Experts

Lawyer careers include specialists, company legal advisers and jobs with the government law machine. However, lawyers mean something different to everyone. These law experts or attorneys at law, are sometimes frowned upon, that is until you need one. Lawyers complete many functions in the justice system. A lawyer can work for the defense or they can work in a prosecutor’s office. Lawyers are there to assist you when you are in trouble with the law or simply just need to have the law broken down and explained to you. By offering law advice an attorney can be of great service to an individual or even a corporation. All lawyers are not the same. They have different responsibilities. Lets explore some of the different types of lawyers you may find.

Lawyer Careers: Specialties

Environmental law is one of the areas a lawyer can work in. The responsibilities for this job vary. Those who work with the environment may need legal assistance. Organizations that deal in the elimination of by products or construct things in the building industry may also need legal assistance. This is because all of these organizations have to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency rules and regulations. These organizations have to have certain paperwork that allows them to perform particular things and that is where a lawyer can help them get organized.

Another kind of lawyer career is a divorce lawyer. As a divorce lawyer your job would be to counsel and advocate for your client. You will file all papers that your client needs to have filed with the courts. You will also appear in court on your client’s behalf. As a divorce lawyer, you will also be the go between for the divorcing couple. You will talk to the other party’s lawyer for your client.

A criminal lawyer is also another specialty in lawyer careers. They will represent someone who has been accused of a crime. You will represent the client in court appearances. You will present facts and also argue their cases.

Lawyer Careers: Government And Federal Level

There are quite a few lawyers that work in various levels of the government. Every state has an attorney general or advocate general. There is also a United States Attorney General. Governmental departments also need lawyers to perform various functions. The government is always tied up in some case or another that requires representation. Law and Justice Departments are one of those that handle much of this representation. Many of our politicians began their careers as lawyers. Lawyers are experts in litigation. They can help create the paperwork for new laws. These lawyers can represent the government in a great deal of matters.

Sometimes lawyers work for the individual and not just a corporation. Typically they are then referred to as house council. These lawyers normally work on what is called a ‘retainer’. These lawyers represent these companies, individuals or corporations on any legal functions they may require. In the corporate world there are always contracts that have to be dealt with. Lawyers can assure that their client is treated fairly. If you work for individuals it could be a famous entertainer, or something of the sort. Then again you will be advising the individual on legal matters and representing their best interests in legal areas of the law.

We have only touched on but a few of the different lawyer careers that you can work in. It all depends on what your interest is. If the criminal sense of things interests you then you may want to consider the criminal lawyer career.

Lawyer Careers: Education Required

The truth of the matter is it is not easy to gain the title of an attorney. You have to earn a 4- year degree for you can even get in the law school door. From that point you are still looking at another 36 months before you can graduate and take the state bar exam. Today more and more institutions are allowing classes for the people who cannot attend full time making it more suitable for those who have active lives.

Obviously law schools do not accept just anyone. You have to show that you have what it takes to be a lawyer. They will do a quality background check on you to establish how well you have done in college. They will also examine your Law School Admission Test very closely. They will also look at the jobs you have held before applying. Often times the school will want to conduct a discussion with you prior to making a decision. It does require a lot of schooling to be a lawyer. The journey is long and the obstacles are many. It takes dedication and a positive attitude. However, if you can put forth the effort required then the end result can be very rewarding and exceptionally satisfying

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