Geology Careers: Studying Our Planet

First of all, lets discuss what geology careers are all about. Geology is a specified field of study that revolves around the examination of our planet. Those in geology careers have to break down all the things that make up our planet and then determine the evolution of these elements. History is found in the elements that make up our planet. By studying the answers hidden in, on and around our planet the geologist can better understand the impact on our future. Of course it goes a little deeper than this but that gives you a general idea of what a person in geology would do. If this kind of subject interests you then read on and see what kind of geology career might meet your expectations

One of the jobs available in the geology careers would be that of an environmental analyst. There is a lot of research involved in this position. There will be theory development and ideals put forth to help eliminate the pollution of our planet. As an environmental analyst you will have to be able to prepare all of the numbers and data required to find avenues of discipline towards the pollution that damages our atmosphere and planet. This will mean collecting samples from the dirt and water. By using the various areas of mathematical and engineering education along with focused scientific approach you will be able to establish answers to the problems that exist. This position is very important and the challenge is ongoing and forbearing but with determination and a positive attitude this position can be rewarding beyond imagination.

An environmental compliance manager is another career in geology. As an environmental compliance manager you are responsible for offering input in reference to programs that must comply with the environment. This position is also designed to oversee the rules and regulations that surround the environment and to establish reports that work towards complying with the environment. This is basically a management position that puts the individual in a position to supervise the creation of all the programs needed to make the environment better. Any activities involving hazardous waste or the management of waste would fall under his or her responsibility. It is all about the opportunity to prevent pollution by researching the many options and avenues that are available with new technology.

The Environmental Protection Specialist

One more of the geology careers is an Environmental Protection Specialist. As an Environmental Protection Specialist you will be the middle person between the agencies in the government when it comes to issues connected to plans established to focus on the environment. This could include proposing grants, or by going over the material available offering your professional opinion or suggesting modifications when needed. Certain Federal Government guidelines have to be observed. Therefore anything related to circumstances surrounding environmental issues from analyzing to creating new plans falls under the environmental protection specialist’s responsibility.

The environmental protection specialist has to be prepared to offer his or her point of view regarding the environmental issues, programs or circumstances at any time. He or she will have to maintain records related to the issues as well. The job is not an easy one. It takes training, education, determination and motivation to stay on top of all the different procedures and regulations, the new programs being created and the possibilities for success. This individual has to obtain strong organizational skills. The ability to implement new plans and ideals will be part of the everyday job. The ability to communicate and coordinate the needs of the operation will be essential to success.

Geology Careers: Education

Geology careers are one of those careers that the amount of education that you need all depends on how far that you want to carry your career. You can pick up degrees in associates, bachelors and masters in geology. Of course the more education that you have, the further that you can advance in a geology career just like any other specialty. The more you know, the better off you are and the more you can grow in the field. It is very important that an individual desiring to work in this field has a profound interest in the planet and it’s condition thereof. This individual must have a desire to want to research and analyze until they can come up with new programs that can better control the pollution that ravages our planet.

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