Careers in Biology: Rewarding and Exciting!

Careers in Biology can be very rewarding and exciting to say the least. Biology careers allow us to ask questions, observe, evaluate evidence and solve problems. If you are a person that enjoys finding what something or someone is all about, or you like studying things under the microscope. Or seeing how things interact in and out of their own environment, then a Career in Biology is for you. There are many different careers in biology. It is a very diverse field. I would like to share with you, a few of the careers that biology involves.

Careers in Biology: A Wide Diversity of Careers.

There is a wide diversity of careers inside of the Careers in Biology. This means that there are several different career paths that you can follow as a biologist. One of these would be research biologists.

A research biologist studies the natural world. In this career you will be studying in a laboratory and also outside. You will be studying how living things work. You may work all over the world to find solutions to certain problems.

Another career in Biology is in health care. In this career you will be responsible for developing health campaigns to defeat diseases. Or you may work to help prevent the spread of diseases like A.I.D.S.

Biologists can also become educators. You will teach other people life science. Of course then can be from grade school kids to college age, or even working in a museum or in a research lab.

Some of the other careers that biologist can go into is forensic sciences. As forensic biologists you will work closely with police departments and other places like the F.B.I. you will use your expertise to discover and process evidence to solve crimes. You may be called to testify on evidence that you have worked on.

A few more Careers in Biology are things like in business and industry. You may work with drug companies, also with other providers of scientific products. Your job will be to research and test new products. As biologists, you can also work in sales and marketing for these companies. Economics is another place that you can work as a biologist. Your job would be to work with the government or with other organizations to come up with ways to fight world pollution, ways to protect our forests and ways to keep species from becoming extinct.

Biologists can also work in art, like in creating biology textbooks, magazines about science, and things in that nature.

There are so many Careers in Biology that it would be impossible to tell you about them all in this one article. But I hope that I was able to at least shed some light on a few of them and inform you of the different choices that you have.

Careers in Biology: College a Must?

College is definitely a must if you want to have a career in biology. But actually you need to start preparing for this career way back in high school. You need to make sure you take courses in math, chemistry and physics. Talk to biologists, take suggestions from them. Explore your college options way ahead of time. Plan out what exactly you need to do to become a biologist.

Some biology jobs will only require a two year course. But most life science will require you to have at least a bachelor’s degree and often a master’s degree. So you may have to spend up to six years or more in college. Some of the careers may also demand a doctorate. So it all depends on how far that you want to carry this career.

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