Highest Paying Careers: The Big Money

If we were all honest about it, we would all admit that we would take highest paying careers if the opportunity came up. We live in a time, where economy is not so good, and money is often tight even when you have what would be considered a good paying career. So if someone offered you a much higher paying job, most of us would take it without blinking an eye. Yes, we do realize the old saying that money does not buy happiness, well that old saying may be true to a certain extent but let’s face it, money may not buy happiness but it sure helps. We are going to give you a list of the highest paying careers today and a small description of each one, just to give you an idea where the big money is.

The Top Choices

We will list the top ten highest paying careers. This will go from the lowest of the top ten to the highest paid:

Natural Sciences Manager- Salary: $97,560- this position normally requires the responsibility of supervising other scientists in the programs designated to achieve unilateral goals. When you get a group of professionals together from various areas of science it takes someone experienced to lead them in a productive manner. That is what a Natural Science Manager does.

Marketing Manager- Salary-: $100,020-the marketing manager is not tied down to one specific industry. They can be employed at various companies anywhere in the world. Some marketing managers are responsible for budgets that expand millions of dollars. These individuals have to know the inside route to working the media in marketing. His or her job would also be to maintain positive relations with the public and the working community. They can assist in developing the brand or preparing promotional activities that will put their company on the forefront.

Computer and Information Systems Manager- Salary: $100,110-information technology (IT) has become an essential part of the company operation in recent years. The computer and information systems manager must supervise this program for his or her respective company.

Air Traffic Controller- Salary: $100,430-these individuals have to endure as much pressure as any career we have listed. Thousands of flights are in the air at any given time and these personnel are the ones who keep the skies safe over head. They have to guide the planes from the air to the ground and from the ground into the air in order to assure there is plenty of space for everyone.

Lawyer- Salary: $110,590-lawyers are needed in various positions in our society. If you are charged with a crime then you will need a lawyer to defend you in court. If you are trying to sue another party for damages you will need a lawyer. Lawyers can work individuals or large corporations. Lawyers can also work to prosecute those who break the law. Lawyers can assist in any area that is related to the law. Lawyers can even simply offer advice on law when it is needed. They often advise large companies on contracts and legal procedures.

Dentist- Salary: $132,660-There are quite a few specialties where one can be employed in the dental field. Dentists, like doctors have areas that they can specialize in. Some dentists only work with children while others utilize their surgical talents. Whether it is orthodontics or operating the neighborhood dental office the dentist is a very respected occupation.

Airline Pilot- Salary: $134,090-there are numerous jobs for airline pilots. Of course they can be employed to fly anything from planes that carry cargo to those that dust the crops. Helicopters are another option for the airline pilot.

Engineering Manager- Salary: $140,210-this is a serious supervisory position that entails many responsibilities. This is a senior management position typically overseeing other middle management positions.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)- Salary: $140,880-every major company has one person at the top that reigns’s supreme. For most companies that is the CEO or chief executive officer. It is their responsibility to oversee the entire operation on a daily basis and are generally responsible for its success or failure.

Surgeon- Salary: $181,150-we all know doctors make a lot of money. However, surgeons are always in high demand. Heart surgeons and brain surgeons rank right there at the top.

Ten Hottest Careers

Highest Paying Careers: Begins With Education

All of these high paying careers that we have just told you about, all take years of education. This ranges from the shortest time being four years to the longest being ten to fifteen years for a surgeon. Yes, it may seem like a lot of time spent in school but look at the salaries that these careers pay and it all makes it worth it.

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