Graphic Designer Career: The Creative Career

Graphic Designer Career offers a great way to use your creative talent and make a great living at it also. If you are artistically inclined, this may the perfect choice of career for you. These Careers cover all ends of the creative spectrum. There are many jobs available in this line. I will share just a few of them with you.

Graphic Designer Career: Many Opportunities

There are many Graphic Designer Careers. There is so many ways for someone to use their creative talent. One is creative/art director.

A creative/art director is in charge of a creative team that produces artwork for television, magazines, and billboards, even things for the web. As a creative director, you will make sure that everything is produced on time and that deadlines are met. You will also have the final approval on everything that goes out the door. Of course, you will be doing a lot of work yourself also.

Another Graphic Designer Career is a layout artist. As a layout artist, your job will consist of dealing with the structure and layout of images and text in a satisfying format for printed media. This will be for magazines, books, posters, flyers and C.D. booklets.

Then there is the Brand Identity Designer. This job will have you being concerned with a company’s brand or the visual aspects of the company. In other words you will design the brand that will represent the company as their logo, to put on cards, stationery and so forth.

A Flash designer is another Graphics Designer Career. Flash is the latest trend in web design. As a flash designer you will create interactive movies on the web using Flash technology. You will be able to create and customize dozens of different effects including texts and animation. You will also be able to create video and audio.

Then we have the Illustrator. In this job, you will do drawings for books, magazines and other publications or you may do work for commercial products. A couple examples would be for textiles, calendars or stationary.

Another Graphic Designer Career would be a multimedia designer. This job would entail you to produce sketches, scale models, plans or drawings. A production manager or director will review these. Your job will be to design sets, props and costumes.One more Graphic Designer Career is a Web designer. As a Web designer you will create the layout, pages and graphics for web pages. This is a great career for you to get in to. This is an up to date career that will only keep advancing for years to come, since everyone uses the web. A web designer has a lot of responsibility to make sure that everything is just right on the site. You will be able to use all your skills and get very satisfying results. But I bet that you are wondering how much training you need to get one of these careers of the ground.

Education Required?

How many years will you have to spend in college to have a Graphic Designer Career? This will depend on your choice of careers. For example the creative/art director requires a degree in advertizing and design. And also you may have to have advanced training in graphic design. As a layout artist you would be required to have graphics communications training. This would require you to go to school for two to four years.

A flash designer of course would need to have a great knowledge of computers and needs a course in Flash. They also really need to take some courses in graphic design and animation. The same is true with the careers as an Illustrator and the multimedia designer. Yes, it is great if you have natural talent but you also need some added training to be able to be successful at your career

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