Fastest Growing Careers: The Opportunities Are Endless

It is not a surprise that everyone is looking for not only fastest growing careers but also the jobs which are going to stay in the future. Unfortunately, the job market is not going to help the job seekers in their pursuit. It is advisable to look for a bunch of careers in a particular field instead of searching for particular jobs. Furthermore, it is not going to be easier to predict how a particular job shall behave in the job market in the forthcoming days. Still you may guess that certain careers are not only growing fast but also have potential to stay on.

Let’s brainstorm…

Careers for Graduates

The first career that we will talk about in fastest growing careers is post-secondary teachers. As a post secondary teacher you will instruct students in a wide range of academic and career-oriented subjects beyond the high school level. Such teachers include college and university professors, career and technical education instructors, and graduate teaching assistants. Government economists expect jobs for post secondary teachers to grow much faster than the average for all careers through 2016.

A pharmacist is another one in the world of fastest growing careers. As a pharmacist you will prepare and distribute medications prescribed by doctors and other health practitioners. Also you will advise patients on the drugs they take and make sure that they avoid dangerous drug interactions. Government economists expect job growth for pharmacists to be much faster than the average for all careers through 2016. There should be plenty of jobs for qualified job hunters. In fact, there will probably be more job openings than applicants.

Physical Therapist

A physical therapist is another good example in fastest growing careers. As a physical therapist you will prevent and treat conditions that limit a person’s ability to move and function. You will teach them exercises that will give them more mobility and help to relieve their pain. Government economists expect job growth for physical therapists to be much faster than the average for all careers through 2016. In fact, it is among the thirty-fastest-growing careers.

Rehabilitation counselors help people with disabilities caused by illnesses, accidents, birth defects, or stress. As a rehabilitation counselor you will provide counseling and help people get needed services, learn skills, find jobs, and live on their own. Thanks to medical progress, people are more likely to survive illnesses and accidents. They need rehabilitation counselors to help them recover. And thanks to a law against unfair hiring practices, more people with disabilities are taking jobs. Rehabilitation counselors can help them get ready for the workplace.

A lot of job openings in this career are due to high turnover, many people leave the field because of low pay and high stress. But if you can handle stress well, then this may be the career for you.

Another fastest growing career is the computer system analyst’s field. As a computer systems analysts you will create new computer systems and improve existing technology and business processes. If you love working with computers then this could be the career for you.

Fastest Growing Careers: Education

These are careers that are hard to tell you exactly how much education which is required to obtain these careers. Because there is such a range of careers it is difficult to properly identify how much education is required. But we can tell you this. They will all require college. And the more college that you have under your belt, and the more degrees that you have, it will definitely give you more opportunity to choose what careers that you want in these fastest growing careers.

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