Forestry Careers: For Those Who Love Nature

For those who love the wilderness and cherish our national parks there is no better career than forestry careers. What could be better than helping to take care of the wilderness and beautiful trees that we still have left? forestry careers can allow you to do just that. There are several different forestry careers that will permit you to work out in one of our national parks or one of our other protected sights. A forestry career can also be somebody involved in using the trees for timber sales but makes sure that the trees are able to regrow.

Forestry Careers: Protecting Our Trees

One of the forestry careers that are available is a forest technician. The forest technician is trained on all the vital concepts of forest management. It is normal for one of these technicians to be put in charge of selling timber that is available to be sold and basically controlling the logging procedures. They will spend some time researching ways to grow timber better. They can be responsible for overseeing nurseries that are taking care of trees. This position calls for numerous functions that must be carried out with vigor. It is a challenging position and ideal for tree lovers.

The Forest Ranger

Another one of the forestry careers is a forest ranger. A forest ranger is a person that is responsible for protecting and preserving parklands. This can be in a national park, state park or a provincial park. The duties that you have will be very diverse depending on what park that you are working at. As a forest ranger you will oversee different aspects of these wild areas and parks including managing the plants, trees, animals and even the development and use of the lands contained in parks and reserves. This responsibility may include historical sites or campgrounds that are located within the park that is managed by a federal or state government.

A forester is another forestry career. As a forester you will have to maintain a quality relationship with many different groups from those who work for the government to those who own the land in the area. This can be made up of those who farm for a living or those who run a ranch. Basically you will have to work well with the general public to ensure things run smoothly. Part of the day might be spent in an office environment while the other part is out in the field. This job is not for the weak. The position can be strenuous. Just like the mailman you have to work come rain, snow or shine. As a forester you may have to travel through some pretty unfriendly landscape. But it is all part of the job. Whether you are sweating it out, fighting a fire or tracking the rough terrain this job can be challenging and rewarding as well.

Forestry Careers: Education And Benefits

If you have the determination to earn a degree in forestry you can easily get a job that offers many benefits and challenges. Forest service employees have some of the best benefits offered in any career. They have very reasonable heath insurance that will cover you and your family. They also have generous benefits as far as sick leave and vacations go.

In order to obtain a forestry career you are required to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in forestry or a closely related field. Previous experience is also a good thing to have when trying for a professional position. Also a degree or some kind of training in business will really help you in a forestry career. Business administration and communication arts are both good training to have when trying to get into a forestry career.

So now we have told you about what it takes to get into a forestry career. You now know some of the careers that you can get into with this kind of degree. If you really want to work in the wilderness, these can be perfect careers for you. If nature is calling you then the forestry career is what you need to pursue. It takes someone special to care about the wilderness around him or her. Forest Rangers around the world have devoted their life to preserving our forests and protecting our national parks and landmarks. It is a very respectable career.

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