Tests Can Relieve your Boredom

Funny personality tests give us a break from the everyday grind and help us to relax. The Internet has become one of the most popular ways to relax today, why not take a break and take some funny personality tests to relieve your boredom and give you a laugh.

How often do you get emails with jokes in them? How often do they make you smile, or laugh out loud? There are literally thousands of them circulating the Internet being sent on by friends and family. But you can also get hours of entertainment from completing funny personality tests online.

This is a great opportunity to get your friends online to complete the tests and then share them with each other to have a laugh at each other’s results. You can send your results through email and learn more about your friends and family. Some of their responses will not surprise you but others may just give you an insight to them you did not realize before.

So let us learn about each other while being entertained.

What are Funny Personality Tests?

Fun personality tests are available on every topic you can think of and can take anything from 5 minutes to 30 minutes to complete. They are all based on different things that happen in your daily life to look at the mundane parts of our lives with humor. For example, take the ‘how well can you cook’ test and it will help your friends and family find out how well you perform in the kitchen.

What about taking the ‘how hot are you in the bedroom’ test to see if you satisfy your partner. This is a test that can cause great fun and laughter among your friends. Other tests determine which television or cartoon character your personality is most like. What a great way to have some fun with your friends, comparing which of your favorite stars you are most like.

Types of Fun Personality Tests

There are so many different types of funny personality tests that it is impossible to cover them all. Here is a cross-section of online fun personality tests and what they signify in general.

Personality Color Tests

There are many fun personality tests based on the colors you select. Different colors represent different traits and the colors you like can tell the world a lot about you.

Do you have your Dog’s Personality?

This test measures your answers about your personality against the personality of your dog. It is a really funny test, especially if your dog has a better personality than you.

Tests of Love

Take a love test to see if you and your partner are compatible, or whether that person you admire from afar is the person for you. Just remember not to take funny personality tests too seriously.

What Cartoon Character are You?

This is an amusing personality test that can match up your personality with a cartoon character. Take this test and send it to your friends. It is interesting just to see which cartoon character you are most like.

How do you Deal with Funny Situations?

In these tests you answer questions about funny situations. This test can tell you a lot about how stressed or depressed you are.

Serious Side of Funny Personality Tests

Personality tests that measure your aptitude for careers are great for looking for work or a new career. Funny personality tests may not be so serious on the surface, but your answers still say a lot about you, if you answer them honestly. You discover if you are nice, if you are a good partner or cook, whether your family is important, and a whole lot more.

While we do not take fun personality tests very seriously, you can find answers to things we had not thought about or find out something new about yourself, and your family and friends.

How to use Fun Personality Tests

We all know that when we apply for job we are likely to sit a personality test of some sort as part of the screening process, however we do not take the fun personality tests seriously.But really, fun personality tests are just as serious as any other, they just deliver the message using humor.

Fun personality tests can be used:

• By researchers to see how people think about themselves.

• To test how humorously you see the world.

• To understand your own sense of humor.

• To amuse your friends and family.

• To get a greater insight into the people you care aboutLighten up your life with humor and take a funny personality test today, and share the results with your friends.

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