Why Test is Popular?

Is the pig personality test the real deal? Well, the point blank answer is it is not. However, it has made its way all over the information highway. But why? Simply put, it is fine and interesting. Read on and find out what the pig personality test tells about you.

The pig has many symbolical meanings and this is maybe why the pig personality test became very popular. Traditionally, the pig is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. It is important to warn you, however, that the pig personality test is only a fun test. It has no scientific bearing and it is not a valid personality test. It has become quite popular because it is very easy to execute and somehow drives people’s curiosity.

Understanding the Pig

Personality is the summation of a person’s well-being. There are no duplicate personalities and this is what makes you unique as an individual. Your personality is the overall representation of your thoughts, beliefs, fears, strengths, feelings, and behaviors.

Although there can be thousands of descriptions for personality, we all have an idea what it is. Everyday, we deal with different personalities and we adjust to them accordingly. You do not consciously assess people and yet at the back of your mind, you understand how to react to certain individuals and execute what you think is right.

What the pig personality test aims to accomplish is to give you a fun and easy to understand personality assessment. This is because many valid and scientific personality tests are not accessible to the public and many of them cost money.

The Test

Perhaps the pig personality test is the easiest test to facilitate. All you have to do is to take a piece of blank paper and draw a pig from your head. You are not allowed to copy from a source and you are not allowed to stop. You must finish the test in one sitting. Although there is no time pressure, there are several variations in which the drawing period is timed so you as the test taker will draw the kind of pig that comes first in your mind.

The Interpretation

Once you have drawn the pig, your personality will be analyzed based on many criteria. Below are some common assessment patterns for the pig you have drawn.


If the pig is drawn on the top part of the paper, it is said that you are a very optimistic person. You are a positive thinker and you prefer looking for solutions to difficult situations. If the pig is drawn in the middle, the interpretation is that you are a practical individual. You prefer dealing with issues with pragmatism in mind, thinking only of what is best for you. If the pig was drawn at the bottom part of the paper, you are generally regarded as a negative thinker. You easily lose hope and you easily despair, giving way to negative thoughts rather than the positive things.


In the pig personality test, the way the pig faces is also analyzed. If your drawing shows the pig facing left, your personality reflects traditional behavior. You are old school and maintain ways of the classic era. It’s not like you do not embrace the future or technology, it’s just that you maintain the values of the elderly. It is also said that you are a very warm and friendly individual. If the pig is facing to the right, you are considered a very active and creative person. If the pig is facing the audience, your personality is said to be bold. You are direct and you are not scared to face others.

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