What Are Careers In Event Planning?

Do you like taking charge of events, like parties? Do you like making sure that all aspects of the event are covered and that the event turns out at its best?

Well, if you do then you should check out careers in event planning. Event planners design, organize and coordinate conventions, conferences, corporate meetings, exhibitions, etc. There are so many events of every type, where someone is needed to take care of all the details and make sure that everything goes smooth.

In the event planning career you will be responsible for every aspect, from marketing, catering, signage, displays, translation, audio-visual equipment, printing and security. You will also take care of the participants’ accommodations and transport. An event planner is also responsible for the financial side: setting and monitoring the overall budget for the venture some event planners just specialize in certain events. Read on and we will tell you about some of the different careers in event planning.

Careers in Event Planning: Specialized

Careers in Event planning can have specialized planners. One of these is a wedding planner. They are also called wedding or bridal consultants. If you are a wedding planner, your main duty is to take away the stress of the bride and groom. You will be doing things like ordering the flowers, ordering from the caterer and finding the entertainment. You will also need to find a photographer. And the most important thing that you will do is find all of this at the best price possible while still keeping it all of good quality.

This will help your reputation or be a negative thing for your reputation, depending on how good of a job that you do. Word gets around fast and bad reputations get spread faster. So you will need to always be on your top game and gain the best possible reputation.

Another of the careers in event planning is a corporate event planner. As a corporate event planner you will plan and oversee events for corporations and businesses. This can be events like company picnics, holiday parties, and fund raisers. You will again hire caterers or plan the menu, hire entertainment and do anything that you need to make the event a success.

The Party Planners

There are even event planners that can plan things like private birthday parties and graduation parties, or anniversary parties. Event planners can do just about any event. So if you like taking control of things and can come up with good ideas and most important can keep calm head then this may be a good career for you. But do you need to go to college to be an event planner? Good question, read on and we will answer that question for you.

Is College In The Plans?

While event planners come from many different backgrounds, earning an undergraduate degree in communications, marketing or public relations can be helpful. Additionally, business or hospitality degrees can provide students with knowledge and skills applicable to the Event Planning field.

Bachelor’s and master’s degrees in meeting management, and certificate programs and continuing education courses in meeting and Event Planning are available to students looking to increase their knowledge in the field of Event Planning.

The Convention Industry Council offers an industry-recognized certification, the Certified Meeting Planner (CMP). One must have worked for three years in meeting and Event Planning and pass an exam in order to become certified.

Applicants must also score at least 90 points (150 max) in five areas: experience, management responsibility, continuing education, professional organization affiliations and professional contribution to meeting and Event Planning. This is a very important certification for you to have as a wedding planner. A lot of people when looking for a good event planner will check to see if you have the CMP certificate.

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