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First of all, what exactly is an architect? An architect is someone who organizes space. As an architect you will design houses, buildings, skyscrapers, landscapes and many other things, depending on what type of an architect that you are.

Sounds interesting, right? It definitely is.

If you become an architect, it can be one of the most fulfilling careers that anyone will have. Think about it, to be able to stand back and see a completed project that you personally designed. Talk about gratifying. But there are quite a few different architect careers. In this article I will share a few of these careers with you, so you can decide which interests you.

A Diversity Career

There are different kinds of architect careers. A few different ways that you can use your talent, depending on what type of designing interests you.

For example careers in landscape architecture are very interesting. Being a landscape architect is just what it sounds like. You can either design landscape for homes. Or you can landscape for places like zoos, restored wetlands, mountain resorts and urban places. To be a landscape architect, you must have a talent for the art and science.

If being a landscape isn’t your choice then how about considering corporate architecture? As a corporate architect you will design things like chain restaurants, malls and office facilities. You will have to know a lot about design, productivity and business management to become a corporate architect.

A Marine Architect

Another architect career would be a marine architect. As a marine architect you will be designing things like docks, refueling facilities and naval vessels. To be a marine architect, you will need to have a great deal of knowledge on construction and marine issues.

A draftsperson is another example of architect careers. As a draftsperson you will design schematics and drawings that help materialize a project for construction companies. A lot of your work will be done on computers, so you will need a great knowledge of computers. And will need to know how to produce and design blueprints.

You can also be a civil engineer. As a civil engineer you will design things like bridges, dams, canals and roads. You may just work for sectors like the public all the way up to the government.

There are many different architecture careers, like a building contractor, a home architect and an architectural journalist. I could go on and on, but I hope that you get the idea that there are many choices of architect careers available. It all depends on what field that you are interested in.

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