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All Prospective Employees sit the GEICO Employment Test

If you want to work for GEICO you need to take the GEICO employment test. GEICO has their own pre employment tests to make sure they only hire the best people to work for them. GEICO is an acronym for Government Employees Insurance Company, named after the founder Leo Goodwin who originally specialized in offering insurance services to Army personnel and government employees. These days they still service government sector employees, but have grown to offer insurance packages to people from all walks of life.

GEICO want the best people possible working for them so one of the first things in the recruitment process is taking the GEICO employment test. This is to assess your skills and knowledge of the position and the insurance industry. GEICO wants to know all about you psychologically as well as your work ethics and capacity for success in the role.

The company has written their own employment tests so they reflect working situations within its organization. Depending on the job you apply for, your test will cover things like computer skills, reading comprehension tests, verbal skills and ability to work under pressure. GEICO may also have you take part in role-playing to see how you interact with customers and other members of GEICO staff.

What is the GEICO Employment Test?

There are numerous tests used by GEICO to test current staff, particularly when they apply for promotional opportunities within the organization and all prospective job candidates. Typically, a GEICO employment test contains four sections: reading comprehension, computer literacy, English language skills and role-playing:

Reading Comprehension: By testing your reading comprehension, GEICO wants to know how you interpret the written word and whether you can read the text and answer a set of questions about what you have just read. The stories you read may relate to real situations you can encounter in your daily life at GEICO. Your answers will indicate to the company how you interpret and deal with various scenarios.

Computer Literacy: In this age of technology, GEICO wants to know your level of computer skills and tests your basic computer knowledge. Most of us have been using computers for many years so passing this section of the test should not be difficult. This tests your typing skills and knowledge of various computer programs.

English Language Skills: For anyone who has English as their native language, this test will be easy because you learnt all you need to know at high school. GEICO wants to know if you have a good grasp of the English language as much work in all their job positions require writing reports, quotes, and so on. Effective communication is an important part of all jobs at GEICO.

Role Playing: Role playing tests people who apply for sales or customer service roles. The point of role playing is to see how you handle customers and customer service. All sorts of scenarios may be thrown at you and will simulate situations you may encounter working at GEICO. For example, you may be left alone and asked to answer the phone when it rings. The person on the other end will play the role of a customer and you need to show how you deal with customers in all sorts of situations.

It is important you take this test seriously and answer the questions and treat the situation as real. This helps GEICO assess how you work under pressure and if you are a quick thinker. They also want to see whether you stay calm in difficult situations or they may want to see how you pitch its product to potential customers.

How To Apply for Work at GEICO

The best way to apply for work at GEICO is online, but you can go to any GEICO office and use their computer terminal to submit your job application. Once your online application is assessed you will be invited to sit the pre employment test as the next step in the screening process.The GEICO employment test is in questionnaire format with multiple choice answers. Do not worry too much about the pre employment test, as GEICO wants people to do well and offers classes before the real test.

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