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Give your Career a Push with an Employment Aptitude Test

You have been on the job hunting for a while and almost every employer needs you to sit an Employment Aptitude Test as part of the screening process, With rising employment costs, and a tough economy, these days employers are using every tool available to help them recruit their staff.

Staff is a vital component of the success of a business, and having good long-term staff reduces a company’s overhead costs. No longer is the face-to-face interview sufficient, but you can sit a multitude of tests ranging from testing your personality to skills tests specific to the job you are interested in. It gives prospective employers insight and a way to measure your ability to succeed in their organization.

These days’ companies use behavioral type questions in their interviews to help select suitable candidates for the job. If you are applying for a management position they will want to know:

• How you communicate

• If you can work under pressure

• About your interpersonal skills

• About your leadership skills

• About your staff management skills

• Your attitude to customer service

• About your decision-making skills

• Your budgeting skills

• Your recruitment skills

If you are successful in the interview stage, it is likely you will need to take an employment aptitude test to measure suitability for the position and how you will fit into the organization.Employment aptitude tests are also used to assess your suitability for:

• Training and development

• Customer service roles

• To supplement your reference checks

By putting prospective employees through a stringent screening process employers are finding employees more suited to the needs.

What the Employment Aptitude Test Measures

The ultimate goal of any recruiter is to hire the best people possible for a position and to match an applicant’s skills and aptitude with the job and the organization.

Employment Aptitude Tests are structured in all sorts of ways to reflect the position and organization you are seeking a position with. Overall, most employment aptitude tests measure the following in depth:

• your mental aptitude

• the dimensions of your personality.

Mental Aptitude Testing

As part of your employment aptitude test your mental aptitude is tested for:

Mental Perception: This is tests how you think, learn, reach conclusions, how you judge the world around you and your problem-solving skills.

Business Terminology: This is to test your knowledge of business terms in the field you want to work in.

Memory Recall: This tests your knowledge of everyday, current events.

Vocabulary: This tests your knowledge and use of the English language.

Mathematical Knowledge: This tests your general mathematical knowledge and ability to successfully complete mathematical problems quickly and efficiently.

Mechanics: This tests you interest, knowledge and aptitude for mechanics.

Dimensions of your Personality

Why is it that employment tests look at your personality before hiring you? An organization’s staff is the backbone and costs a company huge amounts of money. More and more organizational focus is hiring the right staff in the first place. To do this it helps to understand the personality of an applicant. The following are the dimensions of your personality you can expect tested in an employment aptitude test:

Energy Levels: Your energy levels are tested to measure your drive level, and to see how you handle stress and tension.

Organizational Ability: It is important for all employees to have the ability to plan and organize their time to maximize their output for an employer.

Work Ethics: Your prospective employer will test your integrity, flexibility and work ethics to see if you fit into the organizational culture.

Communication Skills: Your ability to communicate on different levels and using different methods can determine your aptitude for different roles within your chosen career.

Emotional Development: Testing your emotional development measures how self-confident you are and how you handle pressure.

Mental Toughness: Do you persevere through the tough times in life or your career, or do you give up at the first hurdle?

Mental Alertness: A prospective employer wants to assess your natural curiosity and whether you ask questions or delve deeper into an issues to achieve a good outcome.

What Motivates You? This tests to see what motivates you to succeed. Is it for personal financial security, incentive or commission-based salary, for recognition, and so on?

How Competitive are You? This tests whether you are motivated by a team or individual (or both) environment.

Assertiveness: This tests to see whether you are a natural leader or a follower.

Remember to relax the night before your test so you can complete the test to the best of your ability with a clear head.

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