Do Wonderlic Test Scores Vary?

Your Wonderlic test scores tell you if you have what it takes to apply for your dream job. It is also known as the Wonderlic intelligence test and is used by employers as part of their pre screening process for job applicants. You have 12 minutes to complete 50 questions under supervision. If you have an upcoming job interview, it is likely you will sit the Wonderlic test, and the scores will help the employer further assess your suitability for employment with the organization.

Wonderlic test score varies from occupation to occupation and a low score may not be the deciding factor in whether you get the job or not. When you need to sit a Wonderlic test, the best thing is to relax and not worry. Just do the best you can and answer each question openly and honestly.

Your Wonderlic test scores are similar to an IQ test where there is a minimum and a maximum. For instance, the most you score on a Wonderlic test is 50 so if your score is 24 you are considered average and a score of 10 mean you may be mentally retarded.

Test Scoring Explained

The Wonderlic test has 50 questions that get harder as you progress through them. The easy questions ask you to pick put something that does not belong in a group of items or words, and the hard questions require you to solve mathematical questions. An example of an easy mathematics question is:

An apple sells for 30 cents. How many will 7 apples cost?

When you finish the test, your correct answers are totaled to get an overall score. Scores vary from profession to profession. Here are samples of the average Wonderlic test scores for some professions:

• Pharmacist – 31

• Salesperson – 24

• Secretary – 22

• Security Guard – 17

Some employers use the Wonderlic test scores to test the personality type of potential employees. Some employees that use the Wonderlic test include the National Football League, TruGreen, Arnold Logistics, and Ameritas Life Insurance.

How to Score well

If you know you will need to sit the Wonderlic intelligence test, you have time to prepare. There are many sample tests online that give you a good indication of the things the real test will cover. While it is widely thought you cannot increase your intelligence, you can increase your knowledge and understanding. Taking sample Wonderlic tests gives you insight into the real test and you can practice answering the types of questions you will need to at your job interview.

Other things you can do to get better Wonderlic test scores include:

• Take time out the night before to relax. Get an early night so you wake up refreshed the next morning.

• Make sure you eat well on the morning of your test. It helps you think clearly and focus.

• Get to the test site early. Be late and you make a poor impression and may miss it altogether. If you are early, it shows initiative, reliability, and keenness and it helps you mentally prepare for the test without being under stress.

• Make sure you read the instructions when you get your test. You do not want to fail just because you misunderstood the instructions.

• Go through and answer all the easy questions first, and then go back through and answer the rest. Doing this will also relieve your stress and gives you a chance to answer as many questions you can in your 12-minute time limit.

• Do not spend too much time on any one question. If you get stuck, move to the next question. You only have 12 minutes to answer 50 questions.

• If you finish early, look back through your answers and make sure you have answered them all.

Sample Wonderlic Questions

If you are soon sitting the Wonderlic iq test, here are some samples of the types of questions the test asks you to answer:

1. Which number comes next in the series? 12, 9, 6, 3, ….

2. If you assume the first two statement are true, is the third one:



do not know

a. The girl plays basketball.

b. All the girls wear shorts.

c. The girl wears shorts.

3. If you are selling pens for 93 cents each. How much do you sell nine pens for?

4. How many of the following pairs are identical? …….

a. Dina, L.M. – Dina, L.M

b. Johns, L.K. – John, L.K.

c. Peterson, S.B. – Peterson, S.B.

d. Jakobson, P.L. – Jakobson, P.L.

e. Pell, S.K. – Pell S.K.

5. Do the words – Present/Past:

a. have similar meanings

b. have opposite meanings

c. they are neither opposite or the same

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