Writing Sample Cover Letters

Before we even show you sample cover letters that you can use as a reference, perhaps it would be better if we show you what a cover letter should contain and how to write one. Here, we will navigate you to the requirements of an eye-capturing cover letter to let you know what essentially it should contain.

Cover Letter Contents

Purpose To begin with, your cover letter should contain your purpose for writing it. It is not professional to be vague about your intent. You need to be straightforward in your purpose. You will notice in many sample cover letters that the purpose of the letter is mentioned at the very first sentence.

Source You need to let the reader know where you got the information about the organization or the job opening. If you got the information from someone, it is wise to mention or drop that name on this part.

Selling Why should the reader even bother reading on? Since it is the cover letter that the human resource person will be looking at prior to your resume, you should be able to provide a powerful statement as to why the hiring manager should even read your resume. Keep in mind that these people are busy and you need to catch their attention at every opportunity. Use powerful words to attract attention. The sample cover letters below will show you how.

The selling part should also call your reader’s attention to take a serious look at your background. This includes your education, your past experiences, and your qualifications. Essentially, you are telling the reader why you are the best fit for the job. This is also the part where you convince the hiring manager that you have the perfect character traits expected of an employee: loyal, hardworking, punctual, motivated, and many more.

Wrap-Up This is the part where you ask the employer to schedule you for an interview. Do not forget to indicate your availability for the interview as this would be critical in the schedule. Always write the number where you can be reached. You will see in many sample cover letters that this is the part where you as a job seeker will tell the hiring manager that you are going to call if you never heard from him. This is an indication that you have the initiative to take action.

Cover Letter Format

There are many sample cover letters online and it may be confusing to you which among the formats are acceptable in the business world. Let us describe to you a standard blocked format so you have a basic guide in writing a cover letter.

Part I: Your Contact Information

Your NameYour Street AddressYour City, State, and ZIPYour phone numberYour Email Address

Part II: Employer Information

Hiring Person’s NameHiring Person’s PositionCompany NameCompany Street AddressCompany City, State, and ZIP

Part III: Salutation

Dear Mr. or Miss Last Name

Part IV: The Body

Apply what you learned above. The first paragraph should contain your intent or purpose and where you got the information for a job vacancy.

The second paragraph should indicate why you are fit for the job. Sell yourself.

The last paragraph should invite the reader to interview you. This is where you tell the reader about your availability.

Part V: Closing and Signature

Always have a closing salutation like “Respectfully yours” or something. Print your name and sign on top of it.

Writing Sample Cover Letters

John Doe123 Main StreetNormal, IL [email protected]

February 16, 20XX

Ms. Jane DoeBusiness DirectorABC Corporation123 E West Coast DrChicago, IL 12345

Dear Ms. Doe:

My friend Dick Tracy, your company’s Quality Manager, referred me to you to apply for the position of Assistant Accounting Manager.

I have more than seven years of accounting experience in various businesses, most of which are relevant to your current firm. I am a graduate of Harvard University with flying colors and I am currently taking my Masters Degree in Accounting.

My extensive experience in Accounting principles and practices, coupled with my motivation to succeed and deliver high performance, is good fit for the position you are looking for.

If you are looking for an Accounting Manager who can fulfil his duties without fail, I would welcome a personal interview at your convenient time. I am available during office hours from Monday to Friday and may be contacted through the phone number indicated above.


John Doe

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