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Maybe you have written a sample resume in college and maybe you did not. The point is, too many people are so good at writing it that yours might not even get past the first part of the hiring process. With hundreds of resumes being sent and dropped in HR offices every day, yours must definitely stand out and one of the ways you can do this is by paying resume writing services.

Do you need resume writing services? Maybe you have written a dozen resumes yourself but in a world where there are more job applicants than the positions open, maybe you should think twice whether your should still be writing your own. This is especially so if you have never written a resume before. In this article, we will show you why you need resume writing services and you will also get a clear picture of the advantages and disadvantages of having your resume written by experts.

Why Get the Service?

Well, not everybody needs resume writing services. Some individuals, especially those who have had several jobs before, can write great resumes by themselves. However, you need this kind of service if

• You are clueless how it should be written

• You do not have the time to make one

• You are shifting careers

• You are unsure how to make your job description look or sound better

• If you have an awkward employment history

• You are not confident to write it yourself

• You have poor proofreading skills

How to Choose the Service

True enough, not everyone who claims to write a great resume can produce one. If you choose someone who fails to connect with you personally, your resume will only end up like a generic copy of others. Below are some tips on how to choose resume writing services.

• Price should be commensurate to the service. At the average, the service cost ranges from $100-$500.

• The writer should have a personal phone number that you call.

• Samples of previously written resumes should be available to you. This is the only way you can check the level of professionalism the writer is at.

• The writer should have a certification. An example is the CPRW or Certified Professional Resume Writer and CERW or Certified Expert Resume Writer.

• Of course, the writer should have finished a college degree course.

• Should be willing to offer 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

• The writer must have available testimonials (maybe from Facebook or LinkedIn).

Advantages of the Service

Before you buy resume writing services, you need to know the advantages so you are all sold out and committed to it. Below we have listed a few of the many benefits of having your resume written by a professional.

• You will have a resume that has no grammatical error.

• Your resume will have a format that will match your career application. It could be in a reverse order, functional format, or chronological format.

• The writer will give you a well-written objective in your resume.

• You will have a resume that highlights your personal strengths that match the career you are applying for.

• Your resume writer will use power verbs that will capture your employer’s attention.

One great thing about resume writing services is that you are paying for a professional job that can ensure your resume will stand out among the rest. Too many times, resumes that have the wrong format can make the employer throw it in the pile of other unread resumes. In reality, employers at the first stage of the hiring process do not read all resumes to the letter. It only takes a glance to decide whether your resume deserves further scrutiny or not. This is what these writers will do for you.

Disadvantages of the Service

Definitely, there is a set-back once you buy resume writing services. However, it is completely up to you whether the advantages laid out above will outweigh the disadvantages below.

• The service is costly. A typical price is $100.

• Paying for resume writing services will also entail a huge amount of time to get it right. Since the person writing your resume does not know you personally, a lot of time will be spent over the phone or through any means of communication. This will allow the writer to get to know you and tailor-fit your resume to your personality and liking.

• Another disadvantage is the difficulty in finding a real professional. Today, there are hundreds of people offering this type of service. However, only a few are certified.

If you think you cannot write a good resume, there is really no harm in having someone do it for you. After all, $100 is not too bad considering that you are aiming for a career that is definitely something you will be happy about. Consider your payment as an investment or a capital that will return a big amount of profit to you.

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