Test your Aptitude for Nursing

Do you dream of a career in nursing? Have you taken a nursing aptitude test to help you make your decision?

Unlike many jobs, nursing is a highly specialized field that requires you to have the right personality, intelligence, drive, commitment and compassion to succeed.

Before you pursue your nursing drams, think about why you want to make nursing your lifelong career. Here are some things to consider:

• Do you have the compassion to care for the sick and the elderly?

• Do you have the aptitude to complete complex study?

• Do you have the commitment it takes to complete your studies and practical work?

• Do you have the drive to promote healthy living?

• Can you face the tragedy of death and miracles of life?

• How will you cope with people’s suffering on a daily basis?• How do you know that nursing is right for you?

Whether you think nursing is the right career for you or not is irrelevant unless you can pass a nursing aptitude test to gain entrance to study.

Career Path

The nursing profession encompasses a wide range of areas and gives you a huge choice of areas to specialize and work in. The day-to-day duties of a nurse vary depending on your area of interest and where you are working. The following are just two career paths you may be interested in:

• Registered Nurse: The duties of a registered nurse vary depending on where they work and on their specialty. In general, the area of focus is on helping patients recover during their treatment and promoting good health and well being. Some things you can expect to do are patient evaluations, recovery planning and intervention programs, monitoring a patient’s symptoms and reactions to treatment, assisting the medical practitioner in examining a patient, and health care education.

• Theater Nurses: Theater nurses provide care to surgical patients before, during and after their operation. You will prepare the supplies required for the operation, monitor the patient, ensure the environment remains sterile throughout the procedure, ensure all items are accounted for during the operation and you may assist in handling the surgeon supplies and help suture. You will also be responsible for maintaining patient records and liaising with the family on the patient’s progress.

A nursing career opens the doors to a myriad of opportunities to specialize in a huge array of fields:

• general nursing

• aged care

• registered nursing

• specialist palliative care

• nursing administration

• private nursing

• nursing education

Test Structure

A nursing aptitude test is important as it will help your employment prospects. It will also help you decide whether nursing is the right career for you. The nursing aptitude test is based on:

• Applied Sciences: Your knowledge of physics, and organic and inorganic chemistry are tested. You are expected to understand the basics of acceleration, mechanics, electrons, and so on.

Test Example 1:

Which of the following reacts to stress with change in concentration?

a) Only reactants

b) Only products

c) Both

d) None

• Daily Life Science: Your basic knowledge of the lungs, heart, cardiovascular system, hormones, nervous system, and so on, is tested.

Test Example 2:

What do pancreases secrete?

1. Glucagon

2. Insulin

3. Both insulin and glucagon

4. None of the above

• Communication Skills: A nurse needs to have a high level of understanding and use of their language, terminology and medical terms. If your communication is unclear it can lead to misunderstandings and worse.

Test Example 3

What is the antonym of: Punitive

a) Rewarding

b) Relentless

c) Oversized

d) Potent

• Skills in Mathematics: Nursing involves a lot of mathematical understanding and logic so you need to understand fractions, trigonometry, and basic mathematics.

Test Example 4:

The value of (0.987 * 0.0286 * 23.9)/(0.0015 * 0.013 * 2.1) is

a) 16475.1

b) 16.471

c) 1.6471

d) 164.71

• Interpreting the Written Word: A nurse is dependent on their reading, analytical and interpretation skills to take instruction to care for their patients. It is, therefore, important to score well in reading comprehension.

• Skills in Analytical Reasoning: Your ability to deal with emergency situations and under stress is helped by you analytical reasoning skills.

Do You have the Aptitude for Nursing?

Let be prepared for nursing aptitude test as nursing is a tough and rewarding career, but you need stamina, commitment, dedication, passion and compassion to succeed. Can you keep you the fast pace of a nurse every day? Can you deal with sickness, death and dying? How will you cope with grieving family and friends?A nursing career opens up a myriad of possibilities to you, and you can also make a difference in people’s lives.

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