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These days there are free aptitude tests available everywhere online to test you for everything from how dumb you are to what your aptitude is for the career of your choice. Most test your aptitude in general, and focus on your abstract reasoning and logical abilities. Spatial, verbal and numerical levels are tested with multiple choice questionnaires. Aptitude tests give you and prospective employers a good idea of your strengths and weaknesses for the position applied for, or for the career you want to pursue. Free aptitude tests are analyzed against your interests and skills.

If an employer has you complete a test then it is to assess your suitability not just for the position you applied for, but also to see whether you will fit into their organization as a long-term member of staff.

It may serve you well to take a free aptitude test to help you assess your strengths and weaknesses for the work areas that interest you. It can help you make choices on what paths to take and what courses of study you need to complete for success in your chosen career.

What these do not test you for are your reactions under stress, complex problem-solving abilities or your ability for further study. You may also want to take a free IQ test to assess your intelligence level for the career path you want to take.

Aptitude Test Format

Free aptitude tests are found online and offer questionnaires with multiple choice answers and you have to choose the answer that fits the situation the best. Beware; there is often more than one right answer. You need to think in terms of problem solving.

These tests also assess your speed and accuracy, though your accuracy is more important.

If you come across difficult questions that require more time to complete then skip them, if you can, and come back to them when you have answered all the ones you can quickly.

It is good to take as many free aptitude tests as you can. Compare the results to get a better insight into yourself. This will help you get used to the way these tests are set out, how they think and are good practice for the real test.

It would hardly be helpful if the aptitude tests were all the same for every industry. You can imagine the aptitude test for a plumber is not going to help you if you want to work in the clerical field. Choose the aptitude test that matches the industry you are interested in.

What Subjects does a Free Aptitude Test Cover?

You may be wondering the sorts of things a free test will cover. The following are some of the subjects free aptitude tests cover:

• Science in General: What is your knowledge of the use of practical science in everyday life? Do you want a career as an engineer? This is a test that will give you a general idea of your knowledge in this area.

• Mathematical Reasoning: Test your mathematical reasoning ability and knowledge of mathematical basics with this test.

• Understanding of Words: This test measures you understanding and ability to choose the right words or synonyms in the correct context.

• Mechanical Reasoning: Take this test to check your working knowledge of cars, mechanical terminology and the tools required for the trade.

• Aptitude for Electronics: If you are interested in a career path in electronics, take this test to see what level your knowledge of electronics is to help you when applying for work in this field.

• Information Dissemination: In almost all types of work it is important that you can disseminate, understand and put into practice written instructions of some sort. This test gives you an indication of your ability to comprehend the written word.

The Value of Free Aptitude Tests

Free aptitude tests are designed to measure your reasoning skills as well as your communication, mathematical and design abilities. These tests help you to make a decision about your future career. But they are only an indication of your abilities in a field and you need to do further research to make sure that career path is the right one for you as aptitude tests only attempt to ascertain:

1. management potential

2. stress thresholds

3. your ability and attitude

4. your potential to grow in the field, and

5. your ability to work in you chosen career.

A free aptitude test is a guide only to your potential and you should always thoroughly investigate all possibilities before making any final decisions.

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