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Commonly Asked Interview Questions

People often wonder why they do not make the cut after the interview. Pretty much, the answer is simple: the way they handled the interview session was less than acceptable. This is precisely because they are unprepared even for the most common interview questions such as salary expectation and past experiences. If you can answer these questions very well, any interviewer will think you are awesome. Read on and find out how to stand out.

There are many interview questions and there simply is no way to prepare for all of them. However, there are questions that will certainly be asked in any interview session and these are the things that you can prepare for. Sadly, there are many applicants who neglect the preparation process for an interview and this leaves them groping for words during the interview. This also makes them less confident and this is not what you want to be. Here, we will be discussing some of the most common interview questions that you might be asked and how you should answer them. We will also show you a few questions that you need to ask the interviewer after he/she is done talking to you.

Tell Me About Your Previous Job

Common interview questions include those that pry information about your work history. Although this may seem redundant because they are already in your resume, interviewers want to go in deeper detail. This is precisely because the things written on your resume are planned. When asked on the spot, you will be sharing more details about your work experience and how you executed your previous employer’s expectations. When answering interview questions related to your work history, you should be able to describe in detail what you did in your previous job. In this regard, you need to be prepared to tell the interviewer some of your biggest accomplishments at work such as awards or honors received.

What is Your Expected Level of Compensation?

This is a very important question that you need to be prepared for. You need to be honest in telling your employer how much you earned from your previous employer. Never lie about it because they will find out about it anyway. Employers commonly have ties with other firms that can investigate on a person’s financial background. Lying about this is certainly going to get your resume in the stock pile and not the hiring manager’s desk. When asked how much you want, be honest about it. It does not matter if you are asking way higher than what you are currently earning as long as what you are asking for is competitive enough.

Why Do You Want This Job?

This is your opportunity to shine. It is a fatal mistake to tell the employer or interviewer that you have no other choice so you are applying for the post. This is one of those interview questions that will help an employer determine if you are a good fit. It is therefore important that your answer is acceptable and that your answer makes it look like hiring you is a benefit for the employer rather than a benefit for you. Make it sound like the company needs you.

To start off, tell the employer that this job is your personal interest. The best route to go is to describe in detail your personal qualifications that make you a good candidate for the position. Showcase your skills and experiences to help the interviewer understand that the job requirement is something you can easily fulfill. If you are unsure what the job description is, ask the interviewer what the company expects you to perform once hired.

Do You Have Any Question for Me?

Another common mistake that applicants make is to answer this question with a “None.” Interviewers appreciate applicants who ask questions. Just make sure you do not ask bad questions or you just practically shut the doors of opportunity for you.

Don’t Ask:

Am I hired?

Did I get the position?

Did I do well on the interview?

How much are you willing to pay me?

How many vacation leave days do I get?

Do you offer high medical insurance?

Do Ask:

What are the expectations of the company in this position?

When do you expect the successful candidate to go onboard the company?

Is travel an expectation?

What will be my basic responsibilities?

If the employer did not invite you to ask him questions, you have to volunteer. This makes the impression that you are interested. Keep in mind that interview questions can be very intellectual but they can also be very mundane. Try to answer them as professionally and as straightforward as you can. The most important thing is that you impress the interviewer so you have a foot ahead in the race.

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