ASVAB helps Determine your Career

Have you always wanted to be in the Armed Services? Then you need to pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery to gain entrance and see where you fit into the organization. The military is an attractive proposition to many people as it has so much to offer – choices, travel, professional guidance, training, higher education and much more. There are many possible careers in the Armed Services and Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery gives your potential employer greater insight into your aptitudes and advice on how to direct your career. If you plan on entering the military take as many practice tests as possible to help you prepare for your entrance exam.

If you have your heart set on entering the Armed Services, passing the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery(asvab) is important. Your scores in mathematics, mathematical logic, word knowledge and reading count towards your Armed Forces Qualifying Test which measures your suitability to enlist in the military.Your scores in other parts of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery measure your suitability and aptitude to pursue your career of interest and get your enlistment bonus. Obtaining a high score improves your chances of following the career you want.

What you need to Know

Originally The Department of Defense developed the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery to help young people enlisting find out what careers they have an aptitude for. However, now, it has made a prominent place in the psychometrics. The battery measures your knowledge and aptitude to help you determine which career path in the Armed Services is best for you. The Armed Services Aptitude Battery(asvab) has four main sections:

• Arithmetical logic

• Knowledge of words

• Ability to understand and interpret what you read

• Knowledge of mathematics

On the day of your test, you have three hours and you will take 10 sub tests to determine where you fit into:

• Arithmetical Logic: Arithmetical logic tests your ability to solve mathematical word problems.

• Knowledge of Words: Your knowledge of words is tested by measuring your ability to select the correct words and synonyms to fit the context of the text.

• Paragraph Comprehension: Paragraph comprehension is your ability to understand and interpret what you read correctly.

• Knowledge of Mathematics: This tests your knowledge and understanding of basic mathematical principles.

• Knowledge of Science in General: This test measures you general aptitude and knowledge of the biological and physical sciences.

• Mechanical Comprehension Test: This is to test your general knowledge of mechanical principles and how they work. It also measures your ability to use your imagination to visualize how things work.

Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test

Mechanical Aptitude Test

• Automotive Ability: This test measures your mechanical and automotive knowledge.

• Assembling Objects: This tests your ability to assemble things correctly using visualization.

• Knowledge of Electronics: This test measures you knowledge of electronics and electricity.

• Shop Information: This is to test your knowledge of tools, terminology and practices.

Each test has a different maximum time to be completed and your examiner will give you instructions as the beginning of each sub test.

Scoring the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

Your scores are based on how many answers you get right and how long it takes you. The quicker and more accurately you answer the battery questions, determine what level your quick thinking and ability to work and think quickly under pressure, is at. All your scores are weighed up individually and your answers for each area determine what occupations you are most suited to.

You cannot fail the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery(asvab) but you need a score of at least 31 to enlist in the Armed Services. When you get your results they will have a Student Results Sheet attached that explains the scoring system and how to interpret it.

Make sure you practice all the online tests you can find. There are a good number of sites offering vocational aptitude test online, free or paid. There are many careers, both trade and professional, within the military so if you dream of serving your country, of working overseas and working in a profession you love, the key to passing the battery is being well prepared.

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