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Oil careers are glittering opportunities in the oil industry.

You know the oil is very important to the entire world. It is something that is used every minute of every day. It is something that will probably continue to be used for a long period. But it is not something that one can just go pick off the ground. Oil has to be drilled from deep in the ground and it takes a lot of different people doing different things to make this happen. We will tell you about some of these oil careers in this article. So if this is something that you are interested in, then please read on.

Explore Your Options

There are several jobs involved in oil careers. The first one that we are going to tell you about is an entry-level job called a maintenance roustabout. As a maintenance roustabout you will be responsible for maintaining deck cleanliness and organization. You will also be responsible for painting the deck.

Another oil career would be the roustabout. In this position you would be the one who navigates and controls the shipment as it is loaded. This can be a dangerous job because a crane is so huge and the deck is such a busy place. The roustabout is a person of many responsibilities. When workers on the rig floor need supplies the roustabout will see that they get them. Not only will they keep the deck clean and free of clutter they will also lend a helping hand to the roughnecks as needed.

Another oil career that we will tell you about is a rig welder. Welding on these rigs is a big time job. There is no lack of work to be done. One welder is typically assigned to one rig. It will be their job to complete any welding tasks as needed. If the job is too big than many welders may be brought aboard to speed up the task. Welders are constantly on the move. They are all over the rig and then before you know it they are off to work on another.

Then we have the rig safety and training coordinator. This position can make a lot of money but then of course they have to work hard to get it. Communication is the key to making this position shine. You should be able to organize well and work the computer as well. Most importantly you will have to be an authority on the rules and regulations that govern offshore drilling and safety.

The Material Handler

Another one of the oil careers is a materials man/woman. Every rig has its own store. The materials person is responsible for its upkeep. They have to be on top of making sure they get what the store needs and then making sure it arrives. Experience on a computer is a must. The only downside to this relatively easy position is that if you are assigned to a small rig that only calls for one materials person your hours may have to be longer then that of a person assigned to a larger rig. You will always be on call.

Every rig is also staffed with medical personnel. You will not often find a doctor on board. However those that are there are trained and certified. Those who once were employed in the nurse’s field often fill these positions. Of course these personnel are responsible for keeping the sick bay clean and ensuring the proper amount of medical supplies are on hand. They must maintain the medical paperwork and perform routine medical examinations on the crew twice a year. Normally a rig will also have a person that is certified in first aide.

There are also of course drillers, scaffolders and so many more careers in oil careers. But the next question is does it pay well and do you have to do a lot of training?

Benefits And Training

A lot of these jobs in oil careers you can start out with just training on the job. But there are several that have to have degrees. These would be careers like medics, or welders. You would definitely have to have some education.

These jobs can all be very dangerous. But that is why it is very well paid. Even the people who just clean the deck start out at over 50,000 US$ a year. The welders make over 67,000 a year. The medics over 75,000 a year and they earn every penny of it. And the drillers make even more then that. So if you think that you can handle this dangerous but well paying career, get in touch with someone and get started on this worldwide career.

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