Army Careers with Pride and Honor

Have you ever dreamed about a job that pays decent, that gives you lots of opportunities and will allow you to travel all over the world and will not cost you a cent? This career allows you to continue with as much education as you want and will not cost you any money out of your pocket. I bet you are thinking that it sounds like a dream job, that there is no job that offers all of that, but there is, you can have it all with army careers.

Yes, join the army and you can finish your education, and they will pay for it. You can have a chance to travel all over the world. Visit places that you have only dreamed of seeing. And enjoy the benefit of knowing that you are doing the best thing that you can do, you are serving your country. Let us share with you a little about the opportunities in the army.

Army Careers: Opportunities

There are so many opportunities in the army, so much room for advancement. We will share some general information with you about the chance of advancement in army careers.

Let’s start with the enlisted personnel. This is the primary workforce in the army. You will enter the army at the lowest ranks. But with time, education and good service, you can quickly advance up the ranks.

Then we have the officers. Officers start out in a supervisory position. They will already have a four-year degree from an accredited college. But this is not to say that enlisted personnel cannot become officers. If they further their education and give the army good service they can also move up to officers.

There are two different ways that you can serve in army careers. You can enlist full time, which is called regular service. You will go to basic training and be sent to specialty job training schools. After this is completed then you will be sent to a base for duty. If you complete twenty years of service you will be eligible for military retirement.

The other ways is army reserves. This is part time service. You will still need to go to basic training and your specialty training but then you will return to civilian life. You will then need to attend training sessions and do active duty a couple days a month and do two weeks a year.

Army Careers: Specialty Jobs

There are so many specialty jobs in army careers. We will tell you about just a few of them to give you an idea of what it involves.

One specialty job would be a native language speaker. As a native language speaker you would be recruited for your native language ability. You will perform translation and interpreter services.You could also specialize in infantry. This is the oldest branch in the army. The mission of infantrymen has basically been the same since warfare begun. It is their job to protect their country and the value of their mission is as vital during the calmness of peace as it is in the unfortunate condition of war. The infantrymen are the ground huggers, the force that must win the war on the ground in time of combat.

Air Defense

Another army careers specialty is in air defense. As an air defense C41 tactical operator you will supervise or serve as part of a manual early warning network (MEWN) section, team, or platoon in operations and intelligence functions. The ADS crew member has a challenging job to perform. They are in charge of operating the artillery systems in a wartime situation. In this position you could possibly be the supervisor in charge or a proud team member on the launching system. Air defense is critical to the protection of our country and it takes good men and women to perform the responsibilities associated with this position.

We have only shared with you just a couple of the specialty army careers that there are. There are so many opportunities available to you in the army that you will have a hard time deciding what is right for you. But you can guarantee that whatever that you choose, you will carry with pride.

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