Careers in Law Enforcement: To Serve And Protect

Careers in Law Enforcement are all about protecting the public and making sure that laws are obeyed. One of the most satisfying careers that there is out there is the ones in law enforcement. There are many different careers in law enforcement. There are so many different ways that you can be involved in helping to make a difference in your community. If law enforcement is something that you have thought about doing, then read on and we will share with you some of the careers that you get into, to do your part in making this world a better place to live in.

A Variety Of Sub-Careers

There are different careers in side the realm of law enforcement, so many different ways that you can serve. Let us tell you about just a few of these ways.

First of all you could be a police officer. You could be a traffic cop where you will direct traffic and give tickets to violators. You will also investigate accidents and write up all reports of activities. Other duties that you will have are talking to victims and witnesses. As a police officer, you will be able to search cars, buildings, and crime scenes and seize evidence, interview and interrogate suspects and witnesses and book prisoners in jail. A part of your job will be to testify in court.

Another one of the careers in law enforcement is a corrections officer. As a correction officer you will be responsible for the care, custody and control of inmates who are awaiting trial in jail after being arrested. Or for those who have been convicted of a crime and are serving time either in jail or prison. You will also be responsible for protecting the building itself.

The Detective “Go A Head, Make My Day”

Police detectives are another one of the careers in law enforcement. If you are a detective, you will be responsible for gathering information at and about a crime scene. You will talk to witnesses and the victims. You will interrogate suspects and also do surveillance of possible suspects. As a detective you can also be involved in raids and arrests.

You could also be an ATF agent. As an ATF agent you will investigate and prevent federal offenses involving the unlawful use, manufacture or possession of firearms or explosives, acts of arson and illegal trafficking of alcohol and tobacco. Another duty that you will perform is regulating the sale, possession and transportation of firearms, ammunition and explosives in interstate commerce.

There are also security officers. These can be armed or unarmed. As a security officer, your duty will be to protect the facility and the people in the place where you are employed. This can be in a bank, in stores, in office buildings or anywhere else that people feel that the need for protection is necessary. Your duties will include walking the parameter of the building. Watching for any illegal activities, and making sure that people stay within the law.

This is just a few of the careers in law enforcement. There are a few more and any of them will have you on the road to protection, or actually being the protector.

Careers In Law Enforcement: Proper Training is a Must?

Is training a must? In most of the careers in law enforcement, training is a must. Whether it is in college or some kind of vocational school or on the job training. To be a police officer, you must go through a police academy and pass. To be a detective or do some of the more advanced careers in law enforcement, you may have to have a bachelor’s degree. A bachelor’s degree usually takes about four years to complete. Having this degree will also have a big play in promotions and advancements up the ranks.

Security officers depending on the place can sometimes be trained on the job, but are usually put through excessive background checks. But depending on the job, you may be required to have an associate degree and take a course in weapons

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