Making the Right Career Choice Through General Aptitude Test Battery

Commonly referred to as GATB, the general aptitude test battery is a kind of test used to determine career aptitude. This is normally taken by youngsters so counselors can help them make wise decisions about the career they intend to take. Generally, taking this test will tell you the natural talent that you possess that will help you choose a career that will lead you to success. This test does not depend on your IQ and it will not measure how intelligent you are. What this test measures is your natural inclination. It will show you the things you are naturally good at and what skills you are excellent at.

Having a true measurement of your skills without putting into consideration your educational background is a fair and square way to compare your talents and skills with other applicants. This is also a great way to find out if the career path you are taking is the right one for you.

The Nine Aptitudes

General Learning Ability

This ability is measured by your natural aptitude to learn new things in a very short period of time. Specifically, this part of the general aptitude test battery will tell you if you have the ability to understand instructions and use logical reasoning to execute these instructions. Employers will definitely look at this part of the result especially if the job you are applying for requires strong decision-making skills.

Verbal Aptitude

This part of the test will tell you your natural ability to understand words and their relationship with one another. This is veering towards a high linguistic skill but does not necessarily mean that you have the aptitude to learn multiple languages. This aptitude tells you that you can be good in interpreting words and can put meaning in languages. Writers have a high aptitude score on this test.

Numerical Aptitude

This part of the general aptitude test battery suggests that you can work your way with numbers. You do not need to have a strong math background to score high on this area. Getting high results on numerical aptitude is a good indication that you can have a great career on accounting, statistics, and other jobs that will require mathematical prowess or specialization.

Spatial Aptitude

This aptitude test measures your ability to think and understand things in terms of geometrical figures. Most engineers and architects have high scores on this aptitude test.

Form Perception Aptitude

The aptitude for perception is measured through your ability to see the differences between visible or tangible objects. This ability is somehow different from spatial aptitude because form perception can also include your high capacity to differentiate lines and shadings.

Clerical Perception Aptitude

This aptitude test in the general aptitude test battery is similar to verbal aptitude. This, however, entails that you have the ability to correct the words or the numbers that is shown to you. It is observed that proofreaders and editors have high scores on this aptitude test. They can spot inaccurate numbers or misspelled words and correct them as well.

Motor Coordination Aptitude

Individuals who are good with gymnastics and athletics have high scores in this aptitude test. The measurement of this is done through the correlation of what the eyes see with the movements of the hands and fingers.

Finger Dexterity

This is a simple aptitude test that measures your ability to move your fingers rapidly and use them to manipulate objects. Magicians and tricksters have high scores on this aptitude test. Guitarists and other individuals with great musical skills also display this type of aptitude.

Manual Dexterity

The ninth kind of aptitude is measured on the general aptitude test battery refers to your ability to move the hands gracefully. Fire dancers and cheerleaders normally display high aptitude on this and it is common that they also have high aptitude on finger dexterity.

Administration and Career

The general aptitude test battery can only be interpreted by someone who is certified to do so. As far as facilitation is concerned, you do not have to take all the nine types of the test at a time. You can choose to select the part of the test that you want to be checked.

Depending on your employer, you may be asked to complete the entire test. This is an indication that the employer wants to check your overall strength and this will help the employer decide the best place or department for you. For example, you might be applying for a job in a factory in which you are required to use your hands to package products, the employer will definitely look for a high aptitude on finger dexterity.

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