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An Uneven Brain/Cognizant Of My learning Disability

by Shane Lucas

To anyone reading what I'm now writing, wouldn't think I had a learning disability at all. I do have a learning disability that frustrates me on a daily basis. I have considerable trouble understanding written instructions and directions. I have a difficult time navigating the internet and the computer from which I'm now on telling my story. My computer had to be set up for me so I could operate it.

I was a special education student in elementary school, and in middle and high school I was just passed on to the next grade level without regard to whether I was proficient or not. I also suffered a significant traumatic brain injury. I'm not a scholarly writer by no means, but I write fairly well. I was administered an IQ test, and my full IQ is 79. My verbal IQ is 87, my performance IQ is 75, my verbal comprehension 94. I excel at writing, but am so deficient in other things that require learning and understanding things. I'm aware of my mental shortcomings and struggle daily to understand things normal and high intelligent people take for granted.

Can anybody tell me why I'm able to write so well and be so bad at learning and understanding things? Also why am I aware of my shortcomings?

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