How Clever You Are?

Many IQ tests take up to an hour to complete, and this can be more time than some people can spare. Take a short IQ test instead to test your IQ in general. It will not give you the insight into your intelligence as a more in-depth test will give you, but it will tell you how clever you are.

One of the benefits of taking short IQ tests is that they keep your mind active and alert, and they truly make you think. It is like exercise for your brain.

There are all sorts of short IQ tests available online, some are free and others are not.

What to Expect from a Short IQ Test

There are so many different types of short IQ tests available online that take anything from 5 to 15 minutes to complete. Some tests are timed and some are not. At the end your report will tell you where your strengths and weaknesses lie in areas such as spatial abilities, mathematics, logic and linguistic skills, pattern recognition, and memory skills.

Here are some samples of the types of questions you will be asked on a short IQ test:

1. Choose the valid conclusion to “all puppies play, some pets are puppies” from the following list:

a. all puppies are pets

b. some puppies are pets

c. some pets play

d. all pets play

2. Cars are to the road as highway is to:

a. trucks

b. trains

c. boats

d. bicycles

3. Rearrange the letters of YMGRNEA and choose the category it belongs to from the following list:

a. Animal

b. Country

c. City

d. Vegetable

4. If the day after tomorrow is three days after Friday, what day is it today?

a. Saturday

b. Sunday

c. Monday

d. Friday

Other Short IQ Tests

Other short IQ tests can be deceptive and, while they may only have 10 questions, those questions are designed to test your genius level. There are some tests that you only need to get seven out of 10 correct and it will put you into the genius category.

An example of the type of questions you are asked in these tests includes:

1. Name a word with five letters that fits into the brackets:

a. ocean (—-) sea

b. sky (—-) rain

2. At 3:00 pm my watch reads the correct time but it seems to do a time warp and 3 hours later it says 7:48 pm. Two hours later the time is 10:20. What time will my watch say when it is really 3:30 am?

What Short IQ Tests Measure

No matter what short IQ test you take they all measure your:

• Spatial skills, which is the way you perceive, visualize, and manipulate objects in space.

• Pattern recognition, which is the process that allows us to create order out of chaos.

• Logic skills, which is the use of reasoning to make rational decisions.

• General knowledge, which is a good indicator to your intelligence overall and your ability to learn throughout your life.

Other skills short IQ tests measure include:

• mathematical intelligence

• verbal intelligence

Mathematical Intelligence

Mathematical intelligence is your ability to deal with the types of mathematical problems in your daily life. Short IQ tests measure your basic skills as a general indicator of your general intelligence as many daily tasks require some mathematical type thinking to solve them, even if numbers are not involved.

Here is a sample of a mathematical question a short IQ test may ask:

• Which number logically comes next in this sequence? 2, 4, 6, 10, 16,

o 37

o 26

o 32

o 23

o 19

Verbal Intelligence

Verbal intelligence is your command of your native language, how you express yourself, and understand other people and their stories. Verbal abilities include reading, writing, and verbal skills. A short IQ test also measures how you use your verbal skills to solve problems logically.Here is a sample of a verbal intelligence question a short IQ test may ask:

• From the following two groups of words, match the two that are closest in meaning:

Group A

Group B


No matter how short of time you are there is a short IQ test that will give you a general idea of how intelligent you are.

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